English Fundamentals 1 & 2, Fall 2018

Rick Dollieslager,

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YOU determine your destiny. YOU are in charge of your success. Believe = Achieve!

"Victims always find an excuse; Creators always find a way." Tom Hale, Professor Emeritus, N.E. Okla. A & M College

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Week 1

  • Avoiding plagiarism by citing sources:

  1. Avoiding plagiarism and using MLA documentation style (16 min.)
  2. What do I need to cite? (1 min.)
  3. Plagiarism: You can't just change a few words! (1 min.)
  4. Quoting and paraphrasing (3 min.)
  5. Citing without quoting (3 min.)
  6. Citing websites (2 min.)
  7. Punctuating in-text citations (3 min)
  8. Plagiarism Tutorial: Test your knowledge and misconceptions about plagiarism, and learn why and how to avoid it!
  9. Understanding & Preventing Plagiarism, an excellent web resource on why and how to document sources

Week One

Tuesday 8/21 (ENF 1) In-class activities: 1] Introductions. 2] Accessing the class web page

Homework assignment for Monday, 1/27/18:

Wednesday 8/22 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1] Introductions. 2] Register with Remind.com on your smart phone or computer. Text 81010; input class code: @enf12 3] Fill out the pre-semester preparedness for success survey. 4] Access the class web page and BlackBoard

Homework assignment for Monday, 1/27/18:

Thursday 8/23 (ENF 1) In-class activities: 1]

Week Two

Monday 8/27 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: Take the DRP test

Homework assignment for Weds. 8/29:

Tuesday 8/28 (ENF 1) In-class activities: 1] Mini-conference on Reading Literacy Narrative drafts. 2] Finish drafting the annotation summaries of the cel phone articles per the instructions posted above.

Homework assignment for :

Wednesday 8/29 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1] Discuss and draft the annotated bibliographies of the cell phone readings

Homework assignment for :

Thursday 8/30 (ENF 1) In-class activities: 1] Mini-conference about Reading Literacy Narratives 2] Take notes for and draft evaluative summaries for the annotated bibliography

Homework assignment for :

Week Three

Monday 9/3 (ENF 1&2) Labor Day!

Tuesday 9/4 (ENF 1) In-class activities: Conference about editing lessons to work and about the summaries of the cell phone articles.

Homework assignment for Wednesday 9/5:

Wednesday 9/5 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: Adding citations to the annotated bibliography. Let's consult the research guide section of the Purdue University OWL.

Week Six

Monday 9/24 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1] Print and submit the annotated bibliography of cell phone articles. 2] Introduction to "Deep Reading." To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Let's begin by Pre-reading.

Homework assignment for Weds. 9/26:

Tuesday 9/25 (ENF 1) In-class activities: Engage in the pre-reading activities for To Kill a Mockingbird

Wednesday 9/26 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1] Discuss your pre-reading notes for Chapter 1 of the book. Cornell notes format for lectures and reading. Video on how to write Cornell notes 2] Discuss the case studies which were distributed as handouts last week.

Homework assignment for Mon. 10/2:

Week Seven

Monday 10/1 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: Discuss Prof. D's "Deep Reading" of Chap. 1 of To Kill a Mockingbird and the notes he recorded from it, and why.

Wednesday 10/2 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1] Discuss definitions of Creator and Victim, as described in the three-page excerpt from Dr. Downing's On Course text book. 2] Discuss "The Late Paper" case study.

Homework assignment for Mon. 10/2:

Week Eight

Monday 10/8 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1] Discuss The Procrastinators" case study. 2] Discuss Reading Journals. Folks--this is VERY alarming: only two people are caught up to date with the reading journals!!

Homework assignment for Weds. 10/10:

Wednesday 10/10 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1] In your notes, DO you have definitions of Creator and Victim, as described in the three-page excerpt from Dr. Downing's On Course text book? If not, you will have great difficulty writing the essay on Adopting a Creator Mindset. 2] Discuss "The Late Paper" the case studies, "Strange Choices" and "After Math." 3] Discuss the characters introduced in the first two chapters of our book and your responses to the "Diving Deeper" reading prompts from Chapters 1-5

Homework assignment for Mon. 10/15:

This week is Mid-Term: Do you know what your grades are? Your absences?

Week Nine

Monday 10/15 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1] Discuss "Telling" and "Showing" in writing: what do these things mean, why are both important, and why is writing ineffective if it does only one or the other? 2] Active reading means "engaging" with the text--visualizing the concrete details, understanding the explication or explanations.

Homework assignment for Weds. 10/17:

Wednesday 10/17 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: Discuss and chart out what we know about the main families that will abide throughout the story.

Homework assignment for Mon. 10/22:

Week Ten

The final date to withdraw from classes is this Friday, 10/26

Monday 10/22 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1] Timeliness quiz--2 pts. Folks, we can't conduct a class discussion about the characters in the book or about the other readings that we are doing to prepare material for the essay on "Adopting a Creator Mindset" if people are going to be trickling in to class at your own whim, pleasure, or schedule, instead of being here at 10 a.m. when the class starts. Therefore, I will administer a timeliness quiz at the start of each class, worth 2 points each. Missing these very easy quiz points, by itself will have enough impact on your point totals to cause you to fail English Fundamentals class. Let me be clear so that there are no questions and no misunderstanding: If you are not in class at 10 a.m. to answer the VERY easy quiz questions on the daily "timeliness quiz," you will fail ENF because you will not have enough ancillary points to pass. We are well past mid-semester, folks. If you are not caught up with the readings and the easy, daily low-stakes assignments, there is very little time to catch yoursef up: it HAS to happen THIS week, or you will be lost in the dust and completely unable to cath up. Please don't fail yourself. 2] Catch-up day. Since only one student in ENF 1 & 2 is completely caught up with all work assigned so far, and since only five students were present to start class today (two of whom were completely unprepared for class), it would have been a waste of time to do the individual character analysis that was assigned for today. Therefore, we will spend class time reading the book and writing in the reading journals.

Homework assignment for Weds. 10/24:

Wednesday 10/24 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1] Discuss and chart out what we know about the main families that will abide throughout the story. 2] Discuss Showing and Telling in "Succeeding Against the Odds" 3] Discuss the "Creator" whom you have written about and discuss HOW you create your own success and/or your own failure.

Homework assignment for Mon. 10/29:

Week Eleven

Monday 10/29 (ENF 1&2) No Class Today: Catch up on your readings journals

Homework assignment for Weds. 10/31:

Wednesday 10/31 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: Preview the writing portfolio inclusions

Homework assignment for Mon. 11/5:

Week Twelve

Monday 11/5 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1] "Timeliness Quiz" writing topic: You know that you cannot pass ENF if {a} you have not read the book and {b} you have not posted your reading journal responses (scoring at least 75% on the reading journals, which is 23 of the 31 points possible for the reading journals); and {c} have not written and edited 3 essays and five reading journal entries for submission to your writing portfolio. That being the case, write a pragraph discussing the quantity and the quality of the written work that you have submitted or drafted so far and discuss how you plan to pass the course, or why you expect not to. 2] In-class Writing Workshop: (2a.) If you are caught up with the reading journal responses, pull together the parts of the Creator Mindset essay (see 11/14) and the Reading Development essay (see 11/26) which you have drafted so far, and begin editing them with the assistive technologies, or submit them to SmartThinking if they are already edited to you satisfaction. (2b.) Catch up with the reading journal resonses if you prefer.

Homework assignment for Weds. 11/7:

Wednesday 11/7 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1] Discuss readings responses from chapters 13-21 2] Discuss pre-semester readiness survey as it relates to sections VII and IX from the course syllabus. 3] Discuss a writing assignment related to that section of the syllabus. 2] USE the Assistive Technologies to begin preparing your work for your final portfolio of revied and edited writings.

Homework assignment for Mon. 11/12:

Week Thirteen

Monday 11/12 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: Discuss and draft the concluding paragraph(s) for the "Adopintg a Creator Mindset" essay

Concluding paragraph: Your self-assessment of how you are doing this semester and your plan for creating your success this semester and beyond as a college student. (Assigned on 10/31)

Homework assignment for Weds. 11/14:

Wednesday 11/14 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: Finish the Creator Mindset essay, per instructions below.

Homework assignment for Mon. 11/19:

Week Thirteen.five

Monday 11/19 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1]

Homework assignment for Mon. 11/26:

Wednesday 11/21 (ENF 1&2) NO CLASS! Thanksgiving Break

Homework assignment for Mon. 11/26:

Week Fourteen

Monday 11/26 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: DRP post-test

Homework assignment for Weds. 11/28:

Wednesday 11/28 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: 1] Write the final pararaph of your reading development essay: an analysis of your DRP results and discussion of your develpment as reader. 2] Print out the the Reading Development essay

Homework assignment for Mon. 12/3:

Week Fifteen

Monday 12/3 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: Begin the In-class final essay

Homework assignment for Weds. 12/5:

Wednesday 12/5 (ENF 1&2) In-class activities: Finish the in-class final essay. 2] Submit your portfolio of writings.

Week Sixteen

Monday 12/10 (ENF 1&2) FINAL CLASS In-class activity: Portfolio evaluation/course outcomes conferences

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