English Fundamentals 2, Fall 2013
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Over-arching goals of ENF 2: "From Paragraphs to Edited Essays"

Study Resources
Class Resources
Fall Class Schedule
  • The five-paragraph theme
  • Study Guides and Strategies cover "how to's" like managing time and class projects, and "what to's" with study outlines, procedures, and summary infomation for subjects in English, math and science, social sciences, etc.


Week 1

Important Notice!!

At the start each class, open this web page to look at the agenda for the day. At the end of each class, return to this web page to get your homework assignment and view the agenda for the next class. You'll never miss an assignment, a due date, or an important announcement if you come to this page every day.

--Week One--

Thursday, 8/22/13

In-class activities:

Take the Hartman Personality Profile

Slide show for discussing the personality colors

Hartman Reading/Writing Assignments for Eng. 111/ENF 3 classes.

Folks asked me on Weds. about how to get scholarships, so I did some searching and found this, a scholarship app for mobile phones.
It's called "Scholly"
Read the article about it!

--Week Two--

Tuesday, 8/27/13

In-class activities: Introduction to the e-book, College Reading: The Science and Strategies of Expert Readers and the MindTap reading environment.

Thursday, 8/29/13

In-class activities: 1] Folks asked me last Weds. about how to get scholarships, so I did some searching and found this, a scholarship app for mobile phones. It's called "Scholly" Read the article about it! 2] Discussing and sharing our experiences with the MindTap apps and functions. 3] Registration and introduction to Aplia for Basic Writing 1

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/10/13:
View these videos FIRST:

the rest of (or all of) Chap 1. in College Reading: The Science and Strategies of Expert Readers USE the apps functions and tell us about your experiences with them next Tuesday.
Grammar/Writing Lessons: Aplia Basic Writing 1, a) Nouns, b) Past Tense, c) Subjects & Verbs, d) Developing Effective Paragraphs

--Week Three--

Tuesday, 9/3/13

In-class activities: Sorry, folks, I have to scrap the agenda for today because we need to do the Degress of Reading Power test to establish a baseline for comparison at the end of the semester.

Thursday, 9/5/13

In-class activities: Discussion/Lecture/Cornell note taking on NHLP.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/3/13 TWO separate paragraphs:
FIRST: Compose a paragraph of about 150-200 words summarizing the NHLP according to Smilkstein's description of how we learn.
THEN: Compose a separate paragraph of about 150-200 words. Think about a skill, activity, or body of knowledge you have mastered which you have learned outside of school. Describe how you learned that skill through the six stages of the NHLP; i.e., what did YOU do in each stage of the NHLP--your motivation, how you began to practice, how you developed the ability, how you knew you had reached skillfulness, etc.

--Week Four--

Tuesday, 9/10/13

In-class activities: 1] Turn in your two paragraphs 2] Do Aplia for Chap. I 3] Preview Chapter 2

Homework assignment for Thursday, 9/12/13:
Read Chapter 2 of College Reading, through section 2C. If you take notes, you may use your written or printed out notes to take the quiz on the first part of Chapter 2

Thursday, 9/12/13

In-class activities: 1] Review how emotions affect learning and draft a paragraph applying that information to your goals and activities this semester. 2] Compose another paragraph about the NHLP. Here is the topic sentence: "Another thing I learned from Smilkstein's research is that emotions affect learning. What she means by that is ---------------------." In the rest of the paragraph you will SHOW how YOU will use this knowledge (that emotions control our ability to learn) in specific learning situations. These may be test-taking, speech-making, studying, participating in class, conferencing with your instructor, working through your computer activities in MathLab or Aplia, etc. To draw on specific examples, think about times that you have already experienced in learning situations where you NOW know that you could not perform well because of the pressence of stress. the paragraph should be 150- to 200 words in length.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/17/13:
Basic Writing I: Four lessons due before class on Tuesday on generating content for essays, writing paragraphs and developing paragraphs into essays.
Preview/RE-view the five paragraph essay video, and the five-paragraph theme general instructions from Study Guides and Strategies, an excellent source to know about.

--Week Five--

Tuesday, 9/17/13
In-class activities: 1] Discuss the qualities of a
five-paragraph theme 2] Reconstruct Bertrand Russell's "What I Have Lived For" five-paragraph theme, which is the introduction to his autobiography.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 9/19/13:
Revise your body paragraphs into a 5 (or 6 because some of y'all wrote 4 body paragraphs instead of 3) paragraph essay about the NHLP.
Use this rubric for the essay. Due at the start of class on Thursday.

Thursday, 9/19/13
In-class activities: 1] Peer review drafts of the NHLP essay following the content instructions on this grading rubric very specifically. 2] Begin revising the paper. 3] preview Chapter 3

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/24/13:
Revise your NHLP essays to turn in at the start of class on Tuesday, typed and double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font.
Read the rest of Chapter 2 of College Reading, and work the (Aplia) lessons at the end.
Read Chapter 3 through section 3-4. Note: you will read the rest of Chapter 3 by Thursday 9/21 and do the (Aplia) lessons at the end, so work ahead if you get the chance.
Think (and ask others) about fun or easy ways that you (or they) know for building vocabularly.

--Week Six--

Tuesday, 9/24/13
In-class: 1] Preview fun ways to develop vocabulary: Scrabble, Whirly Word, Word Hero/Word Shaker,
Context Clues. This is FUN!! 2] Using context clues to parse out vocabulary: "The Story Crossword."

Homework assignment for Thursday, 9/24/13:
Read the rest of Chap 3, but don't do the Aplia lessons for Chap 3! (yet.)
Annotate the chapter as you read it (view that 13 minute video first), but use the annotation tools in the MindTap environment.
Finish the context clues practice: The Story Crossword
Share! Be prepared to share a vocabulary building method that you know of or that you search out which is a FUN way to develop our personal lexicons.

Thursday, 9/26/13

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 10/1/13:
Email me your vocabulary building method. Log into your TNCC email account and use my short-form address: dollier@tncc.edu
Do the Aplia lessons for Chapter 3. I will check these online.
Read this comparison of C and V mindsets.
Write two paragraphs: Write one paragraph about a time when you were a victim; then write a second paragraph about a time when you played the Victim role (by Dr. Downing's definition of "Victim.")

--Week Seven--

Chapter Four Summary

Main ideas are the author's important points, so figuring them out can lead to good comprehension and easier studying. The first step to understanding main ideas is realizing that main ideas and topics are not the same thing. Topics are subjects that can usually be described in one or two words. Main ideas are the points authors make about topics. Previewing helps you recognize the topic and begin to predict a pattern. Then ask yourself some questions. As you read, look for the answers to your questions by looking in the usual spots and by recognizing word clues when you see them. Also, categorize the author's points as you read them. Some are more general, which could be the main idea, and others are more specific, which are probably details. Mind mapping, line drawings that show the relationship between ideas, help you to visualize the general-to-specific relationships between topic, main idea, and details an author can use in a passage.

Tuesday, 10/1/13
In-class: 1] Write a paragraph, using MS Word, about a person you know who epitomizes Creator attitudes and behaviors 2] Begin reading Chap Four. 3] SAVE your work NOW. You must always have your work with you saved in electronic form. Use jump drives and send it to yourself as an email attachment using your TNCC email account. You mus always have your work with you. No excuse, no exceptions, so be a Creator!!!

Homework assignment for Thursday, 10/3/13:
Read. Chapter 4 is short, so read the chapter for Thursday.
Do the Aplia lessons for Chapter 4

Thursday, 10/3/13
In-class: For a couple weeks we are going to focus on using the MindTap environment and the Chapter Aplia lessons for the College Reading: etc. e-book. If you haven't purchased the ebook so that you cn do the Aplia lessons, you will not pass this class. The book is the heart of the course, not a supplement. Starting with Chapter six, your reading grade will be based on your scores in the Chapter Aplia lessons. If you are not reading the book and doing the Chapter Aplia lessons, you cn not pass ENF 2.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 10/8/13:
Read. Chapter 5.
Do the Aplia lessons for Chapter 5

--Week Eight--

Tuesday, 10/8/13
In-class: Group projects: "
Teach us how!"

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 10/8/13: Folks, if you did not read Chap. 5 and do the Aplia lessons on it, do those things before class on Thursday.
Read. Chapter 5.
Do the Aplia lessons for Chapter 5

Thursday, 10/10/13
In-class: 1] Present Group projects: "Teach us how!" 2] Apply what we have learned. Go to this link, copy the text, and paste it into a Word document. Follow the instructions. OR if you were in class today, you already got this exercise as a paper handout. See the homework assignment below.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 10/15/13: follow the instructions on the handout (or download it from the link above if you missed the handout in class), and make the corrections as stipulated. ADDITIONALLY, in the margins where you have made the corrections, try to identify the error that you have corrected (for example: s/v agr., run-on, comma splice, etc. from our group presentations today.) Refer to your notes from class to help you complete this assignment. Due at the start of class on Tuesday.

--Week Nine: Cyber Week!--

Tuesday, 10/15/13
In-class: I won't be in class on Tuesday, but here is your agenda: 1] Submit your editing exercise from last Thursday. Prof. Hayden will collect it from you. 2] During class,
read Chapter Six and annotate it with the note taking and marking tools in MindTap.

Homework assignment for Thursday
Finish reading Chapter 6

Thursday, 10/17/13
In-class: Cyber Thursday! I will open the room and get us kicked off. During class, work the
Aplia lessons in Chapter 6. These are due at the end of class today, so do not waste your class time. I will start grading with Chapter 6, so be conscientious when you do the lessons.

--Week Ten--

Tuesday, 10/22/13 (We kick off "Workshop Season" in ENF 2 this week.)
In-class Workshop: 1] Discuss revisions to
NHLP essays. 2] Preview Chap. Seven. 3] Begin individual revision conferences while class reads and annotates Chapter 7

Thursday, 10/24/13
In-class Workshop: Introduction to researching and research writing! Let's start by testing what we know about plagiarism. Begin Importance of Grammar project. Research skills focus: Critical reading, note taking to avoid plagiarism, paraphrasing, documenting sources.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 10/29/13
Finish writing the paragraph, type it, edit it, save it so that you can access the saved draft in class. DO NOT come to class with a sloppy, unedited paragraph next week, folks. I will have to apply my stern look, and you don't want to see THAT. :-(
View the following videos:

--Week Eleven--

Tuesday, 10/29/13
In-class Workshop: 1] Documenting sources, adding
parenthetical citations and works cited to the "good grammar" paragraph. 2] Discuss revisions to NHLP essays (mini-conferences on those papers if time permits)

Homework assignment for Thursday 10/31/13
Do Phases 1-3 of the next reading/writing project

Thursday, 10/31/13
In-class Workshop: 1] Discuss results of your research into the need for good communication and writing skills
in your future profession. 2] Begin the next phase of the project. 3] Preview Chapter 7

Homework assignment for Tuesday 11/5/13
Read Chapter 7
Mark and annotate Chapter 7 using the annotation tools
Do the Aplia Chapter 7 lessons. I will record your grades for Chapter 7 on Monday
Type, edit and bring your O.O.H. paragraphs to class in hard copy and electronic copy.

--Week Twelve--

Tuesday 11/5/13
In-class activities: 1] In-class activity--Grammar Notebooks collaboration: Use handbook section of the Norton Field Guide to Writing or the G.G.W. or Purdue OWL from the following "OWL" links. OWL stands for Online Writing Labs--handbooks, workbooks, help desks. My favorite on-line handbook/workbook is also linked here. It is the Guide to Grammar and Writing. 2] Discuss the second revisions to the NHLP essays and begin making them.

Homework due for Thursday, 11/7/13
Finish your grammar notes activity
that we began together in class. If you wish to collaborate with your colleagues, you may do so face-to-face by meeting together, or on line by posting your document on Google Docs and giving your colleagues access to it by using their email addresses. OR you may finish it on your own.
Do this sentence patterns activity, following the instructions on the page.

Note on Grading: From Chapter 6 to the end of the e-book, in my Eng 111/ENF 3 classes, I am recording points for the Aplia Chapter Lesson scores as follows:

  • 85% and above will earn 3 points per chapter.
  • 70-84% will earn 2 points.
  • 60-69% will earn 1 point.

You will be scored in like fashion on the readings from Chapter 6 to the end of the e-book. Failure to earn more than 10 points of the 24 possible for the readings disqualifies you from submitting your writing portfolio for end-of-semester panel evaluations by the English Department, which means a re-take of ENF 2. Time to get serious about reading and writing, folks!!

Thursday 11/7/13
In-class activities:
1] Chap.
7 test.
2] With headsets on, view
Steve Piscitelli's video about SQ4R reading and notetaking method as a way to preview some of what is covered in Chapter 8. Take notes from Steve's video.
3] Preview Chapter 8,
per Dr. Piscitelli's advice in his SQ4R video and write your preview notes in Cornell format. Remember to view the flashcards, skim the table of contents for the chapter and write down anything you don't already know about in your notes, then skim the pages of the e-book looking at headings, specialized text face, breakers or sidebars, etc. to focus on the most important elements in the Chapter, Write down anything that you don't know in the cues column of your Cornell notes so that, while reading the chapter, you can complete your notes, either on your handwritten Cornell notes pages or by using the annotation and note-taking tools of the MindTap reading environment.
4] Discussion: MindTap Analytics and Progress Reports. "Lucy! You got some 'splainin' to do!"

--Week Thirteen--

Tuesday 11/12/13
In-class activities: 1] Read and annotate
Chapter 8. 2] Work Chap. 8 Aplia lessons after reading and annotating the chapter. 3] Mini-conferences with Mr. D. on NHLP essays.

Homework due for Thursday, 11/14/13
Finish reading, annotating and working Aplia lessons
from Chap 8
Do the Basic Writing 1 lessons in the areas where you most need to improve. I have reactivated the most important skills lessons.

Thursday 11/14/13--Cyber Thursday: We will NOT meet in the classroom today
Activities: 1] Read and annotate
Chapter 9. Do the Chap. 9 Aplia lessons after reading and annotating 2] Work Basic Writing 1 lessonss in the editing skills areas where you need to improve in order to qualify your portfolio for admission to English 111.

--Week Fourteen--

Tuesday 11/19/13
In-class activities:
DRP practice

Homework due for Thursday, 11/21/13
Finish revising and editing
the NHLP essay to prepare it for your portfolios

Thursday 11/21/13--Another Cyber Thursday! We will NOT meet in the classroom today
Activities: Read and annotate Chapter 10
during class today. You may do it from any MindTap accessible computer. We won't meet in the classroom today.

Homework due for Thursday, 11/26/13
Do the Basic Writing 1 lessons
in the areas where you most need to improve.
Revise and edit the NHLP essays to place in your portfolio.

--Week Fourteen.two--

Tuesday 11/26/13
In-class activities: 1] Write
the DRP test. 2] Collect your Creators/Victims essays with the revision instructions. The revisions are due at the start of class next Tuesday. 3] Self-evaluate your C / V essay using PaperRater.

Note to No-Shows on 11/26: You will have to make up the DRP on Monday 1/2 or Tuesday 1/3 or fail the course. You may not do the make ups during class on Monday as we will be writing the in-class final essay exam. Contact me Monday. I will be in classroom 916 of Templin Hall from 8 a.m. until at least 2:30, and you also have my email address.

--Week Fifteen--

Tuesday 12/3/13
In-class activities: 1] Turn in
the revisions of the NHLP essays and the revisions of the Creators and Victims essay, inside of a pocket folder--not a plastic sleeve or a pocketless folder, but an ordinary pocket folder.2] Begin the in-class final paper. 3] Collect your grammar-on-the-job/professional communication paragraphs and the instructions for revising them into an essay.

Turn in your portfolio on Thursday. If your portfolio is not turned in on Thursday, you can not pass this class.

Instructions for portfolios:

Include the following documents

  1. Your first day writing sample
  2. Your self-assessment document
  3. The NHLP essay
  4. The Creators/Victims essay
  5. The paragraph about the importance of good grammar (from the Adams and Weins articles) AND the paragraph about communication skills in your future profession (IF you wrote that paragraph). Put both of those paragraphs into one document and place the works cited entries at the end of the document.
  6. Your in-class final essay
  7. Three evaluation forms

Thursday 12/5/13
In-class activities: 1]
Finish the in-class final essay. 2] Write the self-evaluation for the portfolio. 3] Submit your portfolio.

--Week Sixteen: Finals Week--

Tuesday 12/10/13
Go to your other Tues./Thurs. class final today if you have other classes on Tues./Thurs.

Thursday 12/12/13
Portfolio and ENF 2 outcomes conferences
8:00-9:30. You must return for this conference; it is not optional.


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