English 111 & English Fundamentals (ENF) 3, Fall 2015
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Why take college composition? To communicate professionally.

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Week 1

--Week One--

Tuesday 1/12/16
In-class activities: 1]
House-keeping and introductions. 2] Write reading literacy narrative. 3] Discuss the unfinished course syllabus

Homework assignment for Thursday, 1/14/16:

Thursday 1/14/16
In-class activities: 1] Submit
reading literacy narratives. 2] Discuss "The Late Paper" case study. 3] Provide input for finishing the course syllabus.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 1/19/16:

--Week Two--

Tuesday 1/19/16
In-class activities: 1]
Finish and adopt the course syllabus. 2] Write critical thinking journal entry #1: Henry Ford wrote, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way you're right." Write about 250-300 words for your critical thinking journal in which you (1) in just a few sentences paraphrased from your source, describe who he is, (2) explain what the quote means, (3) explain how this truth is reflected in the life of the writer, (4) give a specific and concrete example of this truth from your own experience or your own observation, and (5) document the source with an MLA works cited entry at the end (2 points). Works cited resource:
The Norton Field Guide to Writing

Resources for completing the works cited for the Ford Quote: 1. EasyBib, or Son of Citation Machine. 2. The Norton Field Guide to Writing Quick-Access Toolbar, for checking citations, formatting, handbook conventions, etc.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 1/21/16

Thursday 1/21/16
In-class activities:
1] Document Critical Thinking Journal #1 and submit. 2] Discuss the Natural Human Learning Process 3] Finish the syllabus

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 1/26/16:

--Week Three--

Tuesday, 1/26/16 In-class activities: 1] Introduction to Cornell-style note taking. 2] Group discussion of similarities in learning processes. 3] Lecture/note-taking on the Natural Human Learning Process (NHLP) based on Dr. Rita Smilkstein's research.

Brainstorm and write two pages of notes on the following: (1) Identify something you have learned how to do well but have learned outside of a formal school classroom--playing a musical instrument, sport or game; singing, gardending, pet care, dancing, cooking, child care, hair styling, etc.--are examples of some things learned outside of a classroom. (2) Make a bulleted list describing how you learned this skill, from the very beginning up to this point, where you feel you have mastered it or are good at it. Think about, first, why you began to learn this skill or activity, then how you got started learning it, how you developed your skills or knowledge, how you became good at it, how you knew you were good at it, and what you do with or have done with this skill once you mastered it or became good at it.

Resource for NHLP:

Homework assignment for Thursday, 1/28/16

Thursday, 1/28/16 1] Check the works cited entry for the Smilkstein summary. 2] Compose one paragraph which shows your learning activity in each of the stages of the NHLP. Use Smilkstein's terms to describe your learning process. For example: "I learned gardening in the stages that Smilkstein describes, and I have continued to refine and develop this craft throughout my life. My motivation to learn gardening came from necessity, since I grew up on a farm and had to participate in all of the farm chores. I began to practice this art by . . ." etc.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 2/2/16

--Week Four--

Tuesday, 2/2/16 In-class activities: 1] Peer review the two NHLP paragraphs due for today. 2] Lecture/note-taking on neuron growth and synaptic firing based on Dr. Rita Smilkstein's research.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 2/4:

Thursday, 2/4/16 1] Recap our discussion from Tuesday about synaptic firing and the ways in which it is like a spark plug firing, and finish it starting with slide 15. 2] Group discussion topic: How and why is it important to know how the brain develops during learning, how synaptic firing works, and what "fuels" the process of synaptic firing? 3] Begin drafting two paragraphs about the biology of brain development during learning, per the prompts posted below.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 2/9:

--Week Five--

Tuesday, 2/9/16 In-class activities: 1] Peer review the four paragraphs composed so far about brain development during learning; revise and edit them. 2] Dr. Smilkstein talks about stage one of the NHLP learning and motivation 3.a] Discuss the value of knowing how the brain grows and develops during learning and how emotions affect learning. 3.b] Explore resources to use from the JMU's Learning Toolbox and The Study Guides which will help us to optimize learning.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 2/11:

Thursday, 2/11/16 1] ype answers to these questions: A] What are the parts of an essay? B] Define a thesis statement in your own words, not verbatim from a source. C] Describe the qualities of GOOD writing (any type of good writing) according to your definition of "good writing 2] Discuss introductory paragraphs, thesis statements, unity and coherence, transitions. 3] Finish revising and editing the brain development essay per the instructions in the grading rubric 4] Print and submit the essay

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 2/16:

--Week Six--

Tuesday, 2/16/16 In-class activities: 1] 1] Brain Tests. 2] Meta: How did you do on the Brain Test from memory? You should know the material fairly well, having written about it. Did you do better when you used your notes from class? How much better did you do when you had the multiple choice and fill-in-the blank answers provided? Write two paragraphs, one full page, discussing 1] what you learned from this experience about the importance of taking good notes, of formatting them in Cornell style, of keeping notes organized, and of managing course notes. 2] In what ways is it easier to have a multiple choice test in which the answers are provided? Why is this so? What test-taking techniques did you use on the second test?

Thursday, 2/18/16 1] Discuss previewing academic readings and the similarities between the reading and the writing processes. 2] Discuss the Sparks article on the myth of multitasking and your draft summaries.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 2/23/16:

Week Seven

Tuesday, 2/23/16 In-class activities: Discuss the multitasking and time management readings and our own multitasking experiences

Homework assignment for Thursday, 2/11:

Thursday, 2/25/16 In class Revising Workshop: Revise, edit, and document body paragraphs 1-3 of the multitasking and time management essay. These are the summary of the Sparks article, your personal multitasking experience, and the summry of the MindTools article on the Eisenhower Urgent/Important system of priortizing for time management purposes.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 3/1/16:

Week Eight

Tuesday, 3/1/16 In-class: 1] Submit your Cornell-format SQ4R notes from the "Phase Three" article and the documented summary of that article. 2] Discuss the time management matrix you created: "Which Quadrant are you living in as a college student?" 3] Which time management strategies from the MindTools website or the JMU Learning Toolbox or the StudyGs web sites will you employ to move your life into Q2?

Thursday, 3/3/16 In-class: 1] Submit your "Ticket in the Door": concerns/questions about finishing the multitasking and time management essay. 2] Workshop on completing the whole draft of the project.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 3/15/16:

Week Nine

Tuesday, 3/15/16 In-class: Peer reviewing the drafts of the multitasking and time management essays.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 3/17/16:

Thursday, 3/17/16 In-class: Begin research for group projects: "Editing Experts"

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 3/22/16:

Week Ten

Tuesday, 3/22/16 In-class: Introduction to Google Docs and Google Slides for group use and presentations

Homework assignment for Thursday, 3/24/16:

Thursday, 3/24/16 In-class: 1]View Email ettiquette and protocols: Prof. Richardson's advice. (2:30 mins.) Professor DeCoster's advice (10 mins.) 2] Peruse: E-mail Do's and Don't's poster created by Eng 111-03 Fall 2015. Follow this ettiquette and these protocols when emailing your professors and everyone. 3] Group progress report. Using your group log, compose a report to me on your progress so far in developing your group presentation. Include information about what sites you have decided to use and the nature of the information you have found there. Include a "who did what" section describing, specifically, each member's contribution to the research so far. Then, in brief, describe what your next steps are.4] Copy "Wrules for Writers" from our class resources box into a Word document and correct the error alluded to, or completely recast the sentence to reflect the rule or practice referred to in the statement.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 3/29/16:

Week Eleven

Tuesday, 3/29/16 In-class: Make your list of websites from the assignment for today into an annotated bibliography (appx. four sentences) describing the content and the specific value of the resources you have researched. Title it: Annotated Bibliography of My Success Resources. Use the TNCC catalog to determine which classes you will need to take next semester, and read what those courses will cover. Add resources which will help you to understand the material and do the homework for your classes this semnester and next semester. Your annotated success resources bibliography will be due at the start of class on Thursday, so don't waste valuable class time today!

Homework assignment for Thursday, 3/31/16:

Thursday, 3/31/16 In-class: 1] Print and submit your Annotated Bibliography of My Success Resources. 2] Progress report on group project. 3a] Establish time-frame for completion of group project, and 3b] begin planning for presentation.

Week Twelve

Tuesday, 4/5/16 In-class: Work on your group project

Thursday, 4/7/16 In-class: Begin presenting group projects.

Week Thirteen

Tuesday, 4/12/16 In-class: 1] Punctuality quiz! We will do this everyday hereafter, two points for being on time. This will add up fast, folks!! 2] Finish presenting group projects. 3] Webfolios workshop. Wix.com registration and webfolio start-up workshop. Let's look at the webfolios from Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 and then get your own started! To do this use Chrome rather than the I.E. browser. Internet Explorer does not want to play with the Wix websites and, undoubtedly, will not be up to the task of enabling you to start creating your own.

Comma use, misuse, and abuse. Deshon Jones, Julianna Midkiff, T. J. Mombelly

Thursday, 4/14/16 In-class: 1] Punctuality quiz! 2] Group presentation--articles and pronouns 3] Wix.com registration and webfolio start-up workshop. Let's look at the webfolios from Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 and then get your own started! To do this use Chrome rather than the I.E. browser. Internet Explorer does not want to play with the Wix websites and, undoubtedly, will not be up to the task of enabling you to start creating your own.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 4/12/16

Week Fourteen

Do you want to be financially successful, or do you want to be a shoe store clerk for the rest of your life? Here is the hidden secret for success from the nation's most financially successful people: READ! Take that link, and read it. In fact, read everything you can read. Or resist reading, for whatever your own reasons or excuses may be, and keep that shoe store clerk job--people need to buy shoes, after all. And you'll have about five to eight years in that position to find a new path in life before self-checkouts and on-line purchasing eliminate your clerk job.

Tuesday, 4/19/16 In-class: 11:00-11:05, punctuality quiz, 2 pts. Agenda: 1] Read the article linked in the text box above which discusses the part that reading plays in the lives of some of the most financially successful Americans today. 2] Read your emails from me and read everything posted in the Wix webpage building forum which I made in Google docs. 3] Work on your Wix.com website and post a question, answer, tip or help site to the Google doc Wix forum page. This is a 2-point assignment, folks, not a casual suggestion. 4] Discuss paraphrasing and the paraphrasing assignment for Thursday.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 4/21/16:

Thursday, 4/21/16 In-class: 1] Submit the paraphrasing assignment 2] Discuss and then begin the critical thinking paragraph from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which will describe the communication skills and communication media you will need expertise in, in order to attain and succeed in your future profession. 3] Discuss and then begin revsions and edits on the brain development essay. (links to the instructions and grading rubric are posted in the homework section, below.)

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 4/26/16:

Week Fifteen

Tuesday, 4/26/16 In-class activities: 1] Discuss the revision of the reading literacy narrative. Post it to your webfolio by Thursday. Instructions are in the box below. This will be graded IN your web folio and is a six-point assignment, so give it your complete attention. 2] Work on your webfolio. The contents are in the box posted for 4/28/16 below.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 4/28/16:

Revising and completing the reading literacy narrative

In the first week of class, you wrote a reading literacy narrative, describing your history, experiences, and development as a reader. I have returned those to you for editing, revision, and completion after four months of further experiences as a reader. Your assignment is to, first, edit your literacy narrative thoroughly, reflecting the editing knowledge and skills you have developed during this semester in English 111. Second, revise and complete the reading literacy narrative, discussing the reading skills, strategies, and techniques for academic reading which you have developed this semester. At the end of what you wrote in week one, after you have edited it carefully, make a transition stating that, since the start of the semester, you have learned important things about critical and academic reading.

Before beginning your revision and completion of the reading literacy narrative, review the following web pages to refresh your memory about the reading strategies and techniques which you have learned.

Thursday, 4/28/16 In-class activities: 1] course evaluations. 2] Revise and edit the paragraph paraphrasing the Adams and Weins articles. Post it. 2] Revise and edit, per the instructions and grading rubric, the learning and brain development essay which you wrote in the first month of the semester. Post it by next Tuesday 5/3. (Six points). Post it in your webfolio; it will be graded there rather than in printed copy. 3] Finish work on the webfolio: Edit and then post the multitasking and time management essay to your webfolio. Post it by Tuesday, 5/3. It will be graded in the webfolio rather than on printed copy. (Six points)

Webfolios will include (at least) the following documents, items and elements:

  • Your home page, which will identify you and the purpose of this web site you are developing. It will include:
  • a brief introduction (some things about yourself) and
  • an image of you or an image that in some cogent way represents you.
  • Links to your class page and the TNCC website.
  • Your college email link or a Wix form for emailing you.
  • An index of links to your posted projects
  • Critical Thinking Journal #1, revised, edited, perfected
  • Brain essay, multitasking essay, and grammar in the workplace paragraph, revised, edited, perfected
  • Reading literacy narrative, revised, edited, completed
  • Group presentation project link
  • Extra Credit: Annotated bibliography of success resources (2 pts.)
  • It may also include items of your selection, such as your art work, poetry or fiction, your resume, reading lists, projects from other classes, information about your business or your job or links to your employer's website, photos and graphics--your own or those which are meaningful to you in some other way, movie reviews, your music, anything else that you have written. What else do you want to add?

Add-ins will be considered favorably when the webfolios are evaluated! :-)

This project comprises revisions of previously evaluated work, so be sure that your work is revised and edited per the marks and suggestions I have made, and reflecting what you have learned about editing throughout the semester. It will total 10 points of credit (equivilant, almost, to two essay grades).

Homework assignment BY Tuesday, 5/3/16 posted to your webfolios:

Finals Week, Final Class: Thurs., 10:45 a.m.-1:15 p.m.

Thursday, 5/5/16 In-class: 1] Revise and EDIT the multitasking and time management essay. Use the Norton Handbook to fix the diting erors I have marked on the grading rubric. Folks, USE your tools!! Run it through MS Word's grammar checker and use Paper Rater. Do not make me read your unedited texts or you will NOT like the results. Show some respect to your readers. 2] Webfolio review conferences

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