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Assistive writing and editing technologies:

Week 1

--Week One--

Wednesday, 8/21/19
In-class activities: 1] Introductions. 2] Accessing the class web page for homework.

Homework assignment for Monday, 8/26/19:

--Week Two--

Monday, 8/26/19
In-class activities: 1] Accessing the class web page and
syllabus. 2] Accessing Canvas to post the Reading Literacy Narrative. 3] Discuss cell phone articles 4] Registration and introduction to the Little Seagull Handbook/InQuizitve lessons (class set # is 190303) and the Norton Write lessons (class set # will be provided upon purchase of the Little Seagull)

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 8/28/19:

  • Compose and post to Canvas a two-paragraph composition about your personal policy for cell phone use during class and during study. (Paragraph one) Begin with highlights from the readings which show the impact cell phone use has on college grades and course outcomes. (Paragraph 2) Then, based on class discussion about the research we read, describe what your personal cell phone use policy will be--during classes and during study.
  • Purchase Little Seagull Handbook with InQuizitive and Norton Write lessons
  • Class code for Little Seagull/InQuizitive: 190303

Wednesday, 8/28/19
In-class activities: Begin Readings and discussion for Essay 1, about creating your success by understanding Creator and Victim mindsets.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 9/4/19:

  • InQuizitive: Do lessons 1 and 2.
  • Creator and Victim behaviors and language. This is from Prof. Mirman's blog--which we summarized together in class.
  • View these videos about Creators and Victims: DominicJesse, the Professors. (NOTE: To view "the Professors" video using Chrome browser, you may have to enable Adobe Flash by clicking on it and then clicking on the settings button in the upper right corner of the browser to enable Flash. On the Mozilla Firefox browser, when you click to enable flash, it will have a drop-down menu. It seems to work on Safari and Internet Explorer without Flash being enabled. This is not a problem with the video, folks. It's
    • Take notes. Why was each student at first unsuccessful in college? What did each one do to turn their failures into success?
    • What are the four things that stand out the most for you that the professors said? Remember, if you quote them word-for-word, put their words inside of "quotation marks."

  • Read and highlight the topic sentences of each paragraph from the following three pages excerpted from Chapter 2 of Dr. Skip Downing's book called On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life: "Adopting a Creator Mindset." While Dr. Downing does not give his specific definition of a Creator or a Victim (capital C and V), he describes their behaviors. Write out what you think his definitions are.
    • Further note taking: After reading and marking the selection, write down what you think Dr. Downing's definition of a Creator (capital C) is and what you think his definition of a Victim (capital V).
      • Use the 3-2-1 reading strategy. Three: After reading, record three things you learned from the excerpt. Two: Next, record two things that you found interesting and that you’d like to learn more about. One: Then, record one question you still have about the material.

--Week Three--

Wednesday, 9/4/19
In-class activities: 1] Discuss a case study: "The Late Paper" 2] Discuss Chapter 2 of Downing's book. Chapter 2 is titled "Adopting a Creator Mindset. 3] Freewrite: A time when I played the Victim Role.

Homework assignment for Monday, 9/9/19:

  • Draft three paragraphs using your notes from the readings and from our class discussions today.
    • Edit the summary of Mirman's article to get it down to 150 words while still doing justice to his original essay
    • Compose a paragraph (appx. 200 words) in which you describe a time when you played the role of Victim. It must have clear, vivid, concrete details that SHOW and don't just tell.
    • Compose a separate paragraph describing someone you know personally (not someone you know about) whom you regard to be a Creator (appx. 200 words). It needs to describe details that SHOW that this person is a Creator. Remember: Don't just tell us about your example of a Creator; instead SHOW what the person does or has done that makes you think of him or her as a Creator.
  • Save your paragraphs to Google Drive or in Google Docs so that you can work on them during our Monday drafting, editing, and revising workshop.

--Week Four--

Monday, 9/9/19
In-class activities: 1] Upload to Canvas your paragraph describing someone you know personally (not someone you know about) whom you regard to be a Creator (appx. 200 words). It needs to describe details that SHOW that this person is a Creator. Remember: Don't just tell us about your example of a Creator; instead SHOW what the person does or has done that makes you think of him or her as a Creator. 2] Reconstructing Bertrand Russell's life.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 9/11/19:

Wednesday, 9/11/19
In-class activities: 1] Discuss the instructions in the grading rubric for this essay. 2] Tweak the attributions and Works Cited sections. 3] Peer review for aptness of transitions between and within paragraphs.

Homework assignment for Monday, 9/16/19:

--Week Five--

Monday, 9/16/19
In-class activities: 1] Read the "Boilerplate" comments in Canvas Announcements. 2] Read sections E-1b and E-1c in the L.S. Handbook; then scroll to the bottom of the E-1 page and work all the InQuizitive lessons on comma splices and fused sentences. Then edit your entire paper for those sentence boundary errors. Working those lessons will be part of your grade for the essay.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 9/18/19:

Wednesday, 9/18/19
In-class activities: 1] Begin Project:
The Grammar Crossword. Find the sections in the Little Seagull Handbook that correspond to and can help you to answer the following questions, and pencil in the section number next to the clue. Across: 1, 5, 17, 33, 41, 51, 56, 66. Down: 4, 10, 12, 25, 49. 2] Poetry Coffeeshop

Homework assignment for Monday 9/23/19:

  • Finish the Grammar Crossword activities by indicating the section numbers from the Little Seagull Handbook which correspond to the clue answers indicated on Tuesday's in-class agenda, and . . .
    • separately, type an original sample sentence (i.e., not a sentence copied from the handbook or from any other source) which exemplifies the use of the punctuation mark or grammar conventions of the following clue answers: Across: 1, 5, 17, 33, 41, 51, 56. Down: 4, 10, 12, 25, 49.

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