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Week 1

--Week One--

Monday, 8/21//17
In-class activities: 1] Review syllabus, course policies, overview of course. 2] Registration and introduction to the Little Seagull Handbook/InQuizitve lessons and the Norton Write lessons

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 8/23/17:

Wednesday, 8/23//17
In-class activities: 1] Preparing to take the Degrees of Reading Power test by identifying main ideas and supporting details in researched writing. 2] Process: First, highlight and copy the title, author's name and text of an article into an M.S. Word document. Then skim through the article to get an impression of what it is about and to get an overview of what sort of support is included and where the supporting details tend to be located. Next, background highlight the main ideas/topic sentences in light blue, and in yellow highlight all the details that support THAT main idea before moving on to the next. When finished, highlight the conclusion in light grey, and then--after having read the whole article--go back and highlight the thesis statement in pink. 3] The readings:

Homework assignment for Monday, 8/28/17:

--Week Two--

Monday, 8/28
1] Discuss the readings and flesh out the notes from the readings to prepare to write an annotated bibliography. 2] Discuss possible cell phone policies and finalize the syllabus.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 8/30/17:

Wednesday, 8/30/17
In-class activities:1] Print out
reading literacy narratives. 2] Do the Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) test.

Homework assignment for Wednesday 9/6:

--Week Three--

Wednesday, 9/6/17
In-class activities:1] Print out
reading literacy narratives, then upload them to BlackBoard. 2] Begin a class-project poster of email Do's and Don'ts using Google Slides. 3] Introduction to Speechnotes (works on Chrome browser). How do you think you can use this app to help you write your papers or for other purposes?

Homework assignment for Monday 9/11/17:

--Week Four--

Monday, 9/11/17
In-class activities:1] Post the
reading literacy narratives into BlackBoard 2] Read this sample essay on adopting the Creator mindset from Connie Fields, Fall 2014. Please note: Connie's concluding paragraph is different from the conclusion which you will write when you follow the instructions above. 3] Pre-writing activity and discussion of your concluding paragraph, which will state what your academic and personal life goals are for THIS semester. Using examples from the paragraph about the Creator you just wrote about, describe specifically what YOU will do to achieve the outcomes YOU wish to experience this semester.

Homework assignment for Wednesday 9/13/17:

Wednesday, 9/13/17
In-class activities,
1] Reward
good note-taking. 2] Group Activity: Reconstruct Bertrand Russell's essay to focus on the importance of thesis statements and transitions. 3] Discuss completion of the Creator's mindset essay following the instructions in the grading rubric.

Homework assignment for Monday 9/18/17:

  1. Finish the InQuizitive lesson "Editing the Errors that Matter" until you achieve a 100% score
  2. Complete the introduction and the three body paragraphs of the Creator's mindset essay per the instructions in the grading rubric.
--Week Five--

Monday, 9/18/17
In-class activities:1]
Complete the citations for the two sources we will use in the Creators' mindset essay. 2] Discuss and complete the concluding paragraph in class.

Wednesday, 9/20/17
In-class activities:1] Run SafeAssign and print out
the Creator Mindset essays. 2] Preview readings for essay two and take notes.

Homework assignment for Monday 9/25/17:

--Week Six--

Monday, 9/25
In-class review workshop: Only one person has posted into both the "Paraphrasing" and the "Meta" assignments in BBd, so we will discuss why, what the problems are, what is not clear, and how to do the assignments correctly. And then we will work on completing the assignments that were due for today. The due dates are pushed back to Wednesday at the start of class. Get them done so that we can move on to the next phase of this second researched essay project, folks.

Homework assignment for Wednesday 9/27/17:

Wednesday, 9/27
In-class workshop: 1] Formatting and correctly attributing the sources of the paragraph which paraphrases Adams and Weins. 2] Print and submit the "Phase One" notes and paragraph. 3] Discuss and begin "Phase Two" of the project, "Communicating as a Professional."

Homework assignment for Monday 10/2/17:

--Week Seven--

Monday, 10/2
In-class peer-review workshop: 1] Peer review a "Phase Two" paragraph of one of your colleagues for the project, "Communicating as a Professional." 2] Revise, edit, complete your paragraph, following peer review.

Wednesday, 10/4
In-class workshop: Amnesty Day! Today, we get caught up on any late assignments redo any assignments that have been submitted (but not yet graded) which are not in correct format, etc.

Homework assignment for Monday 10/9/17:

--Week Eight: Prepping for Revising and Editing Week--

Monday, 10/9
Group Project: The Grammar Crossword. Find the sections in the Little Seagull Handbook that correspond to and can help you to answer the following questions, and pencil in the section number next to the clue. Across: 1, 5, 17, 33, 41, 51, 56, 66. Down: 4, 10, 12, 25, 49 3] Housekeeping: Remind.com, incomplete assignments, unposted assignments

Homework assignment for Wednesday 10/11/17:

Wednesday, 10/11
In-class activities: 1] Peer review the Grammar crossword with your group members; then submit them. 2] Begin reading inference activity--The Story Crossword 3] Discuss revisions and edits to "Phase One" paragraphs

--Week Nine--

Monday, 10/16
1] Go over "Phase One" and discuss completion of "Phase Two" and "Phase Three" 2] Discuss completion of the whole essay following the instructions in, and using the links in, the grading rubric. 3] Read the sample Professional Communication essays below from Fall 2016:

Homework assignment for Wednesday 10/18/17:

Wednesday, 10/18, Workshop:
1] Submit the Story Crossword which we started last Wednesay in class. 2] Discuss completion of the "Professional Communication" essay following the instructions in the grading rubric. 3] Finish the essay.

Homework assignment for Monday 10/23/17:

Note: Last Day to Withdraw for the Semester is Friday, 27 October

--Week Ten--

Monday, 10/23
In-class activities: 1] Reading quiz on two news articles, from CNN and the WaPo. 2] Discuss and begin the Icarus editing and critical reading activity . 3] Discuss and begin researching Critical Thinking Journal #1, including viable sources for researching the Critical Thinking Journal entries

Homework assignment for Wednesday 10/25/17:

Wednesday, 10/25
In-class activities: 1] Collaborate on finishing the Icarus project. 2] Begin the Errors Analysis Project. 3] Read and use the Creator Mindset Essay Boilerplate comments.

Homework assignment for Monday 10/30/17:

--Week Eleven--

Monday, 10/30
In-class workshop: The Errors Analysis Project

Homework assignment for Wednesday 10/25/17:

Wednesday, 11/1
In-class workshop: Finish the Errors Analysis Project using the Creator Mindset Essay Boilerplate comments.

Homework assignment for Monday 10/30/17:

--Week Twelve--

Monday, 11/6
In-class activities: 1] Finish and submit the Errors Analysis project. 2] Submit the Icarus editing and critical reading activity and Critical Thinking Journal#1. 3] Discuss and begin researching the "Multitasking and Time Management" essay project.

Homework assignment for Wednesday 10/25/17:

Wednesday, 11/8
In-class activities: 1] Discuss Phase One of the "Multitasking and Time Management" essay project, and then begin "Phase Two"

Homework assignment for Monday 11/13/17:

--Week Thirteen--

Monday, 11/13
In-class activities: 1] Assistive technologies: Run the final draft of Creator Mindset and Professional Communication through ALL of the assistive technologies listed on the grading rubric web pages, and submit the Paper Rater report for both essays. 2] Discuss "Phase Three" and do "Phase Four" of the "Multitasking and Time Management" essay project.

NOTICE: Folks, there are three instructional weeks left in the semester; therefore, I can take no more late assignments for any reason, period. I have to get all the semester projects finished and graded for all of my classes, and that will not be possible if late work comes trickling in at the leisurely pace of each individual.

Homework assignment for Wednesday 11/15/17:

Wednesday, 11/15
In-class activities: 1] Submit the two PaperRater reports, the Prof. Comm. essay and the corrected Errors Analysis. 2] Assistive Technologies Meta: Fill out this Google Form. 3] Discuss the Reading Development essay and finish the Multitasking and Time Management essay.

Homework assignment for Monday 11/20/17:

--Week Thirteen.five--

Monday, 11/20
In-class activities: 1] Discuss the Reading Development Essay. 2] Discuss corrections to the Errors Analyses and final revisions.

Homework assignment for Monday 11/27/17:

--Week Fourteen--

Monday, 11/27
In-class activities: 1] Submit "Multitasking and Time Management" 2] Begin preparing Portfolio of Final Revisions and Edits.

Wednesday, 11/29
In-class activities: 1] Degrees of Reading Power post-semester test. 2] Submit "Multitasking and Time Management" to BBd AFTER you have edited Professional Communication to correct all of the errors in it so that you do not re-create those same errors in the "Multitasking and Time Management" essay. 3] Begin preparing the Portfolio of Final Revisions and Edits per instructions posted on 11/27 above.

--Week Fifteen--

Monday, 12/4
In-class activities: 1] Discuss Portfolio of Final Revisions. Contents and grading criteria are posted on 11/27 above. 2] DRP late/make-up testing for those who missed the test last Weds.

Homework assignment for Wednesday 12/6/17:

Wednesday, 12/6
In-class workshop: Revise and edit the Multitasking and Time Mangagement, essay per the grading rubric and marks on the returned essay. 2] Submit it to your Portfolio of Revisions by end of class today.

--Week Sixteen--

Monday, 12/11, 1:30-4 p.m.
In-class: Portfolio conferences and final edits.


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