English 111 & English Fundamentals (ENF) 3, Fall 2015
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The Wisdom of Yoda, Lesson #1: "There is no 'Try' . . . "

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At the start each class, open this web page to look at the agenda for the day. At the end of each class, return to this web page to get your homework assignment and view the agenda for the next class. You'll never miss an assignment, a due date, or an important announcement if you come to this page every day.

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Week 1

--Week One--

Thursday 8/20/15
In-class activities: 1]
House-keeping and introductions. 2] Write reading literacy narrative and critical thinking journal entry #1

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 8/25/15:

--Week Two--

Tuesday 8/25/14
In-class activities:
Take the Degrees of Reading Power test (DRP)

Homework assignment for Thursday, 8/27/15:
Read the
Write the Syllabus quiz, due Thursday 8/27
Preview researched essay topics to discuss on Thursday

Thursday 8/27/15 Intro to Programming Your Brain for Success: Adopting the "Creator" Mindset
In-class activities: 1] Discuss
the syllabus and syllabus test. Tweak the syllabus and adopt it. 2] Discuss the late paper case study. 3] View videos on the Creator mindset and the Victim mindset (as defined by Dr. Skip Downing and others): You will be writing about this, so take notes! Dominic, Jesse, the Professors. What got Jesse back on course? What got Dominic back on course? What is the most notable quote from any of the professors?

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/1/15:
1] Read these three pages excerpted from Chapter 2 of Dr. Skip Downing's book called On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life: "Adopting a Creator Mindset." While Dr. Downing does not give his specific definition of a Creator or a Victim (captial C and V), he describes their behaviors, so in your notes include what you think his definition of a Creator is (in one sentence) and his definition of a Victim (in one sentence), written in your own words.
2] Read examples of Creator and Victim behaviors and language from Prof. David Mirman's teaching blog. Take notes because you will summarize this article later--from your notes only.
3] Write in your notes about someone you know personally whom you regard to be a Creator. Include in your notes some examples of this person's behaviors that show him or her behaving and speaking as a Creator. You will use your notes to, first, discuss in class in small groups, and later to write a paragraph about this person.

--Week Three--

Tuesday 9/1/15
In-class activities: 1] Discuss the readings by Downing and Mirman about the Creator mindset and the Victim mindset. 2] Rank excuses and reasons. 3] Freewrite about a time when you played the Victim role. Group discussion to follow. 4] Draft the Victim paragraph and the Creator paragraph

Homework assignment for Thursday, 9/3/14:
1] Draft a paragraph (appx. 150-200 words) describing a specific time when you played the Victim role. SHOW what you did, said, etc. in that situation with specific details, not just generalizations.
2] Draft a separate paragraph describing a Creator whom you know personally. (i.e., you do not personally know Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Dr. M. L. King--but you DO know Creators in your own lives.) SHOW what he or she did, said, etc. that makes you regard that person to be a Creator

Thursday 9/3/15
In-class activities: 1] Discuss Creator
behaviours as they relate to success in college. 2] Access these links before doing agenda item 3. Study Guides and Strategies: Help for classes and assignments in many academic disciplines. Study Guides: My Daily Hourly Schedule. Use this for planning study, work, family, fun time 3] Draft a paragraph (appx. 150-200 words) describing what you will do this semester to be a Creator in your academic life, by creating the outcomes you wish to achieve and enjoy this semester. 4] Read this page on how to write summaries of articles and parts of chapters. Reread and summarize examples of Creator and Victim behaviors and language from Prof. David Mirman's teaching blog. Make the summary writing easy by following the instructions I posted above on how to write summaries. Be sure to include Mirman's thesis.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/8

--Week Four--

Tuesday, 9/8/15 1] Subscribe to DropBox. Make an account with Dropbox if you don't already have one or aren't using Evernote or a similar "cloud" storage system. 2] Redistribute yourselves. 3] Reconstructing Bertrand Russell's life. 4] Revise paragraphs into the essay, "Adopting the Creator Mindset."

Homework assignment for Thursday, 9/10/15:
Revise your Creator paragraphs, moving from the generalizations that were made (which were all good ones, primarily) to your PLANS for achieving your goals for the semester. Search carefully through the StudyGs site and the JMU Learning ToolBox for strategies to help you to succeed at all the goals that you have set for yourself.

Thursday, 9/10/15 1] Revise and edit the essay following the instructions in the grading rubric: Adopting the Creator Mindset 2] Add the works cited section 3] Register for and begin using MindTap Handbook

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/15/15:

--Week Five--

No Mas!! Folks, this is now week five of the semester, and you have been in college for at least a month, so we implement college conventions hereafter including: 1] No more work will be submitted or accepted for grading if it is not typed and formatted correctly following MLA expectations, except when I grade your notes from readings or lectures, which can/should be hand written. 2] No more late work will be accepted for any reason without the NQA coupon. We know how Crators think and work now, and we will adopt the Creator mindset.

Tuesday 9/15/15
In-class activities: 1] Submit the essay
on adopting the Creator mindset. 2] Discuss critical thinking journal #2. 3] Activity: Envisioning reading--making notes and images from written texts. 4] Activity: Making inferences from context clues while reading. The Story Crossword

Homework assignment for Thursday, 9/17/15:

Thursday, 9/17/15 1] Submit the story crossword, critical thinking journal entry #3, and the captioned illustrations from the "Blood Sausage" story. 2] Setting up "text to speech" feature of M.S. Word so that you can listen to your papers as an aid to editing them. 3] Discuss your experiences with the MindTap handbook and begin an activity using the handbook to answer questions about punctuation, grammar and sentence construtions.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/22/15:

-Week Six--

Tuesday, 9/22/15 1] Submit Cornell notes from the videos (I will return them to you forthwith) 2]Discuss similarties between the academic reading and writing processes. 3] Begin the researched essay on communicating as a professional with Phase One of the project.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/29:

Thursday, 9/24/15
We will not meet for class today

--Week Seven--

Tuesday, 9/29/15 1] Submit Phase One of the project on communicating as a professional, including your vocabularly/notes worksheets and, separately, the documented paragraph. Submit Phase Two of the project on communicating as a professional. 3] View Atomic Learning tutorials on how to use Google Drive. Take notes so that you know how to do this. 4] Look around you! We move today, forming new groups. Group discussion/sharing of "Phase Two" communication skills from O.O.H.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 10/1:

Thursday, 10/1/15 1] Seat yourself at the new table that you selected on Tuesday. 2] Access your documents in Google Drive so that I can view them from my computer's interface with your computer. 3] Preview and then read about paragraph development: topic sentences and supporting details 4] Collaborative project: Copy the essay "Succeeding Against the Odds" into a M.S. Word document. Reformat to get rid of unneeded space between paragraphs; then double space the whole document. 4a] Highlight the topic sentences of each body paragraph in yellow. If a paragraph does not have an explicit topic sentence (because this is a narrative) type in a topic sentence for it using red typeface color. 4b] Highlight the most important supporting details (which will not be every other word of the paragraph) in pink.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 10/6:

--Week Eight--

Tuesday, 10/6/15 1] Group activity: Interpreting and punctuating "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus"; discusss it, and submit it. 2] Discuss revisions to "Phase One." 3] Discuss revisions to "Phase Two." 4] Discuss and begin "Phase Three"

Homework assignment for Thursday, 10/8:

Thursday, 10/8/15 1] Group activity: Dear John letter using Google Docs to collaborate. 2] Begin Errors Analysis project for the Creator Mindset essay.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 10/13:

--Week Nine--

Tuesday, 10/13 1] Discuss and model errors analysis projects. Then submit it. 2] Mid-term exam: Discuss and then begin revising and editing the (three) Critical Thinking Journals written so far.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 10/15:

Thursday, 10/15/15 1] Errors Analysis check and discussion prior to turning them in 2] in-class Mid-Term "Exam": Applying what you have learned in weeks One through Eight.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 10/20/15:

--Week Ten--

Tuesday, 10/20 1] The model errors analysis assignment 2] Peer reviewing the "Communicating as a Professional" by using the grading rubric

Thursday, 10/22 Agenda item 1] Read about and discuss Critical Thinking Journal #4: American philosopher Richard Taylor wrote, “All men are fatalists as they look back on things." Write about 250-300 words for your critical thinking journal in which you, (1) define what Taylor meant by fatalism (or fatalists) and (2) in just a few sentences paraphrased from your source, describe who he is and what the quote reflects about his own life and philosophy, (3) explain what the quote means, and (3) give a specific and concrete example of this truth from your own experience or your own observation. (2 points)

Agenda item 2] Planning for TNCC priority registration, which starts next week.

--Week Eleven--

Tuesday, 10/27 Advising/Registration workshop. Why? Here is why: 1] The primary skills in integrated reading and writing classes include reading closely and carefully, following instructions, researching to find answers, thinking critically. All of these skills are necessary to get registered for the correct classes for the Spring semester. 2] I want to see you be successful and to have a good experience at TNCC so that you will come back.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 10/29/15:

If you did not submit the Critical Thinking Journal #4 in person today, post it on the Journals link on BlackBoard.

Thursday, 10/29 1] Wix.com workshop: Begin building the welcome page for your webfolio using this free web site builder and host. 2] "Ginny" the Virginia Education Wizard: Do the Values, Skills, and Interests inventories, and write a paragraph discussing those results. 3] Read the O.O.H. If your Ginny inventories suggest jobs or professions other than the one you have already written about from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, read about those professions or jobs in the O.O.H.

Homework assignments for Tuesday, 11/3/15:

--Week Twelve--

Tuesday, 11/3 1] Peer reviewing "Communicating as a Professional" 2] Discussing multitasking and previewing the multitasking article for summarizing.

Homework assignments for Tuesday, 11/10/15:

Thursday, 11/5 No f-2-f class today, folks. I am in Richmond at Chancellor's Faculty Advisory Committee meeting.

Homework assignments for Tuesday, 11/10/15:

--Week Thirteen--

Tuesday, 11/10 Revising and editing workshop: Fix up the papers I give back in class today. 2] Go to Black Board Gradebook and check your grades; then read the messages posted below

Thursday, 11/12 1] Submit (1) the annotated review of five previous Eng. 111 students' webfolios, and (2) the summary of the Sparks article on multitasking, and (3) anything pertinent to my post above in re: late work. 2] Wix Workshop. (1) Post your revised and edited papers--literacy narrative, summaries, essay, Critical Thinking Journals 1-3. (2) Share, read, and collaborate on your webfolios. Read the work your colleagues have posted to help identify errors problems. Share good web building methods you have discovered. HELP EACH OTHER so that everyone optimizes your opportunities to get the max grade for the webfolios (10 points).

Homework assignments for Tuesday, 11/17/15:

Webfolios will contain the following pages and assignments:

A home page which will include

  • An index of your posted projects (listed below).
  • An image of you or one which you feel represents you in some way.
  • Links to the TNCC website and your class web page.
  • An active email link to your college email address so that we can all contact each other and provide feedback to each other during the development process.
  • An introduction that tells the purpose of your web site and tell a little bit about you.

English 111 projects, revised, edited, polished, final versions

  • Reading literacy narrative
  • "Creators Mindset" essay
  • "Communicating as a Professional" essay
  • Multitasking paragraphs
  • Critical Thinking Journals

Additional, optional material (not required, but will be weighted in the grade):

  • Anything else that you want to share with the world in your academic webfolio or on the home page, as long as it is appropriate for this purpose; i.e., links to your artwork, links to your job page(s), links to the college you plan to transfer to, photos of your family, links to professional journals in your field of study or to professional association websites, your resume, links to your hobby or avocation web sites, etc. No Dallas Cowboys! ;-)

Samples: Webfolios index, Spring 2015

Webfolios index, Fall 2015

--Week Fourteen--

Tuesday, 11/17 1] Discuss the multitasking article and begin revising the summary paragraphs. 2] Discuss personal experiences of "multitasking" and begin a paragraph about one of those experiences. 3] Submit any catch-up or make-up work, per the message I sent you last week in email and posted as an announcement on BlackBoard .

Homework assignments for Thursday, 11/19/15:

Thursday, 11/19 Webfolio workshop. In your webfolio teams today, here is what you will do in order to earn extra credit (2 points): 1] Home page: Everyone in your team has a home page with at least one image of themselves or an image that represents them in some way. It has a brief introduction and states the purpose of this site. 2] It links to at least one essay or summary, the TNCC website and your English 111/ENF 3 web page; and it includes a hot link to your college email. 3] Editing: Each member of the team has read and proof-read the home page and given each other feedback on typos, punctuation, and spelling and grammar errors; and these corrections have been made.

Homework assignments for Tuesday, 12/1/15:

--Week Fifteen--

Tuesday, 12/1 1] Webfolio workshop day. 2] Submit multitasking paragraphs

Thursday, 12/3 DRP (Degrees of Reading Power) post-semester test

--Week Fifteen.two (!!)--

Tuesday, 12/8 1] Fill out Google form regarding advising and registration experiences. Log in to your TNCC email to access it. 2] Begin webfolio grading mini-conferences. 3] Revise, edit, and update documents; and fix any problems in the webfolios. If everything is complete, I will record your final grade.

Webfolios index, Fall 2015

NOTE: Finals begin in all your classes tomorrow. During finals week your class schedules will change their start and end times so that all of your finals have 150 minutes of meeting time.

--Week Sixteen--

Tuesday, 12/15, 10:45-1:15
1] Finish webfolio grading mini-conferences. 2] Revise, edit, and update documents; and fix any problems in the webfolios. Today, everything is completed during class, so I will record your final grade before you leave.

Semester is over! Have a great and well-deserved winter break!

Webfolios index for Fall 2015 English 111 classes

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