Communicating as a Professional:
Eng. 111 & ENF Reading/Writing Assignment

Mr. Dollieslager

3. How can I communicate professionally?

Resources for the assignment:


Objectives: 1] Connecting reading and writing, 2] Critical thinking, 3] Applying readings to personal experience,
4] Developing effective paragraphs

Designed to be taught/learned in one or two class meetings.

Introduction: We have learned some things about what is required or expected of professionals in terms of their communication skills. Where are your skills up to the level of professionals in the field you wish to enter, and where do you need improvements? Those are the questions we will explore next and then write about.

Phase One, Read: Let's jump-start the brain with a popcorn reading of this article: "How to Improve Your Grammar."

Phase Two, Think!! Think about your current professional or academic strengths as a reader, a researcher, a speaker, a listener, a writer, a proofreader, an editor, a user of communication media. Which of these skills do you feel are strengths and which do you need to develop? Freewrite for ten minutes about the state of your communication skills with regard to your professional aspirations.

Phase Three, Discuss and Take Notes.

  • Class discussion: What resources are availible to you to help you to improve your communication skills on campus? In this class and classroom? On the class page? On line? On your own?
  • Small group discussion: The communication skills I have, those I need to develop, and how this class will help me. Write notes on how each of your group colleagues feels this class will help in developing their communication skills.

Phase Four, Write: We’ve read about and discussed what it means to communicate professionally. Based on your communication skills as they stand now, write a paragraph of 150-200 words discussing what you can do specifically on your own as well as how this class, specifically, and college, in general, will help you to develop at least three specific communication skills which will be expected of you in your future profession.

Great work so far! Now we have the body paragraphs for our essay on why we need to develop good professional communication skills.
Let's do an acvtivity to focus on how to organize the paragraphs into an essay: Reconstructing "What I Have Lived For"

Communicating as a Professional lesson plan page

Grading rubric for Comunicating as a Professional