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Mr. D. enjoys a weekend fishing excursion in the York River.

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Week One

Tues. 5/17 & Thurs. 5/19
In-class: Discuss objectives, and read and discuss a defining moment (narrative) essay

Writing Assignment: Based on your discussion of a defining moment in Langston Hughes's life and your own life's timeline with your colleagues today, select an incident from your life which is a defining moment, that is, an incident which, in retrospect, reveals something important about the person that you are, about the person you have become because of the life experiences you have had. You will write a story about this event or incident, this "defining moment" which will be drafted by the start of class on Thursday. To prepare for drafting your defining moment story, make a chronological outline of the incident and include at each phase of your chronology some of the descriptive details that you will include in the narrative in order to show your readers what happened. The parts of the essay that will "tell" about the experience are those in which you say how you felt about what was happening or what meaning you made of the incident. The great bulk of your essay will show what happened, just as Hughes and Orwell showed us the revival meeting happening and the elephant being killed.


Homework for Tuesday, 5/24:

Week Two

Tuesday, 5/24

In-class: 1] Paired peer review using the GGW's Editing Checklist. 2] Revise, edit and turn in your (now) PERFECT defining moment essay.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 5/26


Thurs. 5/26
In-class: 1] Begin small-group editing expertise projects using the on-line Norton Field Guide to Writing, some of Mr. D's favorite "OWL" links, the printed resources in the classroom, and other viable on-line resources. 2] At the break (9:30ish) turn in your summaries by placing them on the homework table. 3] Put together your experts presentation, in which you will teach your class colleagues how to understand, fix and avoid the editing errors you have researched.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 5/31

Week Three

Tues. 5/31 &
In-class: 1] Tweak your editing expertise presentations, and 2] Discuss the errors analysis project

Homework assignment for Thursday, 6/2 Attempt the errors analysis project

Thurs. 6/2
In-class: 1] Summarizing the story "Salvation" to incorporate it into an essay, 2] Reworking the errors analysis assignment, 3] Sharing your suggested topics for essays 2, 3, and 4

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 6/7

  1. Write and turn in at the start of class the summary of Langston Hughes story, "Salvation"
  2. Rework the Errors Analysis assignment per class discussion. It is also due at the start of class on Tuesday
  3. Attend an event, or participate in an activity, or take in some form of entertainment, or visit a local attraction of some sort; and draft an essay describing the experience. Bear in mind that you will incorporate some type of documented information into this essay, so plan for that as you are gathering information and experiencing the acivity. The draft of this essay is due at the start of class on Tuesday.

Week Four

Tues. 6/7
In-class: Editing experts presentations: Comma Splices and Verb Tense Consistency

Homework assignment for Thursday, 6/9 Do the Sentence Patterns exercise. Everyone will pass this with 80% or better in order to earn full credit (6 points) for your edting expertise presentations. Use the on-line Norton Field Guide to Writing as your reference source. Navigation note: On the Norton Guide web site, click on the "Table of Contents" icon, which is the first symbol on the navigation bar at the bottom of the page. This will take you directly to each section of the Norton Field Guide on line. Turn this exercise in at the start of class on Thursday.

Thurs. 6/9
In-class: Your next essay, the draft of which is due at the start of class next Tuesday (6/14/11), will include at least one citation to an “outside” source of information, i.e., not information of your own creation or from your own personal experience.  The source will be correctly noted in the text, with a parenthetical citation and a correctly formatted, MLA-style works cited entry.  In order to include an outside source in your essay, you will need to know a number of things, so you will need to be able to answer the following questions by consulting viable academic resources such as the OWLlinks:

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 6/14 Due: 1] Answers to the research questions posted above. 2] Draft of an essay which describes a recreational activity or entertainment experience you have had in S.E. Virginia in the next five days or in the past three weeks. It will include a correctly documented reference to an outside source.

Week Five

Tues. 6/14
In-class: 1] Discuss how to incorporate outside summarized material into our own papers and document them correctly. 2] Revise, incorporate and document the "Salvation" summary into your essay and add a works cited entry for the source. Let's use a citation generator as a tool.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 6/16 1] Before 9:00 p.m. tonight, email me your revised defining moment essay which includes the documented summary of "Salvation" and the correct works cited entry at the end. Send it to me as an attachment saved in .rtf (Rich Text Format) so that I will be able to open it. My email address is dollier@tncc.edu. 2] (Due at the start of class on Thursday) Finish your second essay (two to three pages in length) by including in it a summary, or paraphrase, or direct quote from an outside source of information, and document that inclusion correctly with a parenthetical citation and the correct works cited entry. If you use an on-line citation generator, compare your works cited entry to a similar one from either the Guide to Grammar and Writing or the Purdue University OWL so that you ensure that it is correct.

Thurs. 6/16
Resources you will need: First, here is a link to the exercises on the Norton Field Guide to Writing web site. If you are not clear about grammar, punctuation or other editing conventions, these exercises are very helpful because, whether you answer correctly or not, each question provides a link to the relevant section of the handbook. Very cool! Second, the grading criteria for your assignments is also a good checklist for self-evaluation of your papers, so please apply these criteria. The "Editing Checklist" page from the Guide to Grammar and Writing is another good resource. Third, below are some general resources for successfully completing your projects.

In-class agenda: Please open the essay which is due today so that we may all discuss the citation conventions and works cited sections.

Homework assignment for Saturday, 6/18 and Tuesday, 6/21 1] Before Saturday, email me your second essay, and 2] by Tuesday, compose your third essay. The topic is the same: Go have some fun and write about it. Include in this essay at least one citation of a different type than you have included in essay two.

Week Six

Tues. 6/21
In-class: 1] Discuss and look at models of how to incorporate your sources into your essay #2. I decided not to grade these over the weekend because none had your sources correctly used or correctly cited. Turn in the corrected/revised drafts of ess #2 at the end of class today.*

Homework assignments for Thursday, 6/23 1] *Email me the corrected/revised draft of essay #2 by 6 p.m. today, as an attachment in .rtf (Rich Text Format) if you did not leave the essay with me at the end of class.2] Complete and bring with you in electronic form essay #3, which incorporates at least one outside source of information and correcdtly documents that source. The reference can be a summary, or a paraphrase, or a short verbatim quote. We will work on documenting and editing essay #3 in class on Thursday.

NOTE on NQAs: NO NQAs can be accepted after next Tuesday 7/5. That is the last day to turn in anything that is late. After that, I will have no time to grade late work.

Thurs. 6/23
In-class: Research movie, music and restaurant reviews

Week Seven

Tues. 6/28
In-class Agenda: 1] Discuss how to develop an essay about a move, restaurant, or musical event. 2] Editing experts presentations

  1. Finish editing experts presentations: Commas (Mary and Alexis), Quotation Marks (Natasha and James), Fragments (Tiffany and Khristin)
  2. I will return essay #2. You will make needed revisions on essay #2 and correct errors on essay #2 and essay #3.
  3. You will post the corrected, revised, edited copy of essay #2 to your Google web folio
  4. You will turn in essay #3 for me to grade

Thurs. 6/30
In-class Agenda:

  1. Finish editing experts presentations: Quotation Marks (Natasha and James), Fragments (Tiffany and Khristin)
  2. I will return essay #2. You will make needed revisions on essay #2 and correct errors on essay #2 and essay #3.
  3. You will post the corrected, revised, edited copy of essay #2 to your Google web folio.
  4. You will turn in essay #3 for me to grade

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 7/5

1] Draft of essay #4 is due. The topic can be a restaurant review, music review of some sort, movie review, entertainment review, review of a theme park, review of a park or recreational facility, or another topic that I have approved beforehand which is related to our summer theme: "Go out there and have some fun, and then write about it." This essay will include a correctly documented summary, or a paraphrase, or a direct quote. Include a type of outside source which you have not used previously so that you demonstrate that you have inculded each of the three types of documented material in at least one of your essays this semester.
2] Turn in essay 2 (if you were assigned to or chose to rewrite the paper) and essay 3 at the start of class, ready for me to grade.

Week Eight

Tues. 7/5
In-class Agenda: Editing workshop: consult with your classroom experts on editing conventions as we edit the essay and tweak its documentation.

Thurs. 7/7
In-class Agenda: 1] Editing workshop: First, correct errors on essay #3, and then consult with your classroom experts on editing conventions as we edit essay #4 and tweak its documentation. 2] "Mini-conferences" with me rgarding loose ends from previous assignments. 3] Start the Google web folios where you will post your defining moment and your three review essays.

Week Nine

Tues. 7/12
In-class Agenda: 1] Link the Google web folios to a common class index page. 2] Write the class final, which is what I call a "one-pager" because, literally, it fills up one page. It will explain the auspices and content of your web folio and it will be posted on the welcome page (or home page if you prefer to think of it that way). Start it something like this:

Thurs. 7/14
In-class Agenda: Post corrected essay #4 and any ancillary material into your Google web folio.

These are your stylin' web folios, folks. Great Work!!
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Semester has ended! Go forth and multiply!! Or whatever it is one does when classes are over. ;-)

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