R. Dollieslager's English 111, TNCC
Daily Schedule, Summer 2007

You are the experts now, so help each other out,
and we will finish the Summer projects with panache
(or Peking duck).

A Tentative Schedule of Projects, Summer 2007
English 111, Computer-Mediated Composition

This schedule for the summer term is subject to change based on class discussion and progress on assignments. I will add links to resources and elaborate on the projects as they come up, making changes to the schedule almost daily.

Since this is a summer class, we should all be out there somewhere having fun instead of sitting in some dusty old cubbyhole doing research. Therefore, much of your homework and "research" for this class will be to get out and have fun. And then we're going to write about that fun. The first paper will be a relatively short "get to know me" describing who you are and what you like to do during the summer, in this region. The second, I call a "hidden treasure" essay. Then we will do a restaurant review, or an entertainment review, or a descriptive analysis of a major attraction in the area, or a persuasive piece called "what this area really needs is..." Or a topic of your choice related to our theme for this short semester: having fun in the Tidewater Summer. Essentially, together we are going to publish an on-line Tidewater Travelog from the perspective of TNCC students (trapped in summer classes--Oh, NO!) which you may send electronically to everyone you know. You will also do some shorter assignments related to the development of the reviews, an "experts team" project, and the final major project will be the web folio.

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Summer 2007 English 111 Syllabus

Essay projects for the Summer term

Sample Webfolios from Summer 2006

Week One

Tues. 5/22
In-class: Discuss objectives, view web folios from previous semesters. Make an email account (if necessary), register with Geocities, begin making your web site. Discuss paper #1.

Instructions for registering with Geocities for web page building.
Instructions for uploading a document file to Geocities Web Page Builder.
Instructions for uploading a picture or other .jpg image to Geocities Web Page Builder.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 5/24:
Prepare to write the introductory paper (get to know me) per class discussion. In class we will do a workshop for 45 minutes to an hour, and the rest of the time will be devoted to completing the one-pager, which is due at the end of class.

Thurs. 5/24
In-class: 1]. Geocities workshop (45 to 60 minutes). 2]. Composing workshop: finish the get-to-know-me papers. Due at the end of class, for evaluation.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 5/29:

1. Write a short definition of what an essay is and what a thesis statement is. In addition to the link provided, you can search the terms on line and get a lot of academic site hits.

2. Read this article about web folios (electronic portfolios) and be ready to answer some questions about why you might want to have a web site and how you can use it for your own purposes.

3. Read at least six student essays from Summer 2005 or Summer 2006 describing a "hidden treasure" (or a little known or minor attraction in the area). Identify the thesis statements of at least six of the essays (write or type them out to be turned in, but keep a copy for yourself for class discussion).

4. Go to the Daily Press online, select the "Entertainment" link in the frame to the left, and use the "search events" feature to preview the variety of local events that will be happening around the area this summer. Over 150 are listed. From that list, be ready to discuss what you plan to attend or participate in, and write about. Likewise, take the "movies" link from the "Entertainment" menu and preview some of the essay-length movie reviews. In addition, take the "Restaurants" link from the left menu frame and find essay-length reviews of a couple of restaurants you are familiar with.

Week Two

Tues. 5/29
In Class: 1] Introduction to Perfect Copy lessons, 2] discusss essays and thessis statements, 3] discuss topics for next paper.

A note on printing from the Internet in the classroom:
That activity is strictly prohibited!

At the end of classes on Tuesday, I printed a document, and then waited for 60 pages of material to emit from the printer before my one-page document finally came out. All of the pages printed were multiple copies of sample essays written by students in Summer '05 and Summer '06 English 111 classes. Once a print command is given, it can only be cancelled from the machine on which the command registered, so I had no choice but to let the print jobs run. This is an enormous waste of paper, particularly since everything that I want you to have is available electronically.

The printer is in the classroom so that you may print your papers and anything that I give you specific permission to print. My Dept. does not have an unlimited printer budget to buy reams of paper to waste on duplicated copies of sample essays that are available online anyway. Read on-line stuff on line, and don't print it out, at least not in the classroom. Thanks. R.D.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 5/31:
1. Topic approval: In-class on Thursday, you will first convince me to accept your topic for your first essay, the "hidden treasure" (or a "minor" attraction in our area). You will convince me that this topic is in keeping with our theme for the semester and that you have a specific plan for gathering the necessary information with which to write the paper.

2. Read why we have to take these stinking communication classes in college:

3. If you run out of ideas about fun things to do, consider making a video to contribute to this ever-growing repository of odd, yet strangely hilarious, behaviours: Crying While Eating

Tues. 5/31
In Class: 1] Discuss the experiential research will you conduct this weekend, (i.e., topic approval) 2] Jigsaw the Icarus Project

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 6/5:
Write: (due) a draft of essay #1. It is 500-750 words in length, has beginning, middle and end. It is developed by use of concrete descriptive details and examples, and not just by use of generalizations. (Show me: don't just tell me!)
Read: 1] The editing and revising "chapter" of the GGW. Apply this information to your draft of essay #1 to make it better than it is. 2] Melanie Dawson's advice (University of Richmond) about doing peer review, which we will do in class on Tuesday. You will follow Dawson's suggestions and instructions in doing the peer review, so know what they are and apply them to your own writing before applying them to your colleagues' drafts.

Week Three

Tues. 6/5
In Class: 1] Metacognitive assessment of the group process on the Icarus Project. 2] Individual quiz on the Icarus Project to reinforce that results (the group quiz scores) are valid. 3] Peer review and editing/revision workshop on essay #1. (Due at the end of class).

Thurs. 6/7
In Class: 1] Return and discuss results of the Icarus project 2] Geocities workshop: saving the one-pager in the correct format, uploading it, and making it into a linked webpage.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 6/12:
1] Do some experiential research!!
2] Read about writing and using summaries in researched papers

Week Four

Tues. 6/12
In Class: Cooperative learning project, Understanding Parenthetical Citations

Thurs. 6/14
In Class: 1] Group presentations on parenthetical citation conventions. 2] Writing summaries 3] Summarize this!

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 6/19:
1] Do some experiential research!!
2] Draft a summary of the DP restaurant review that we read in class, showing each of your steps in the process.

Week Five

Tues. 6/19
In Class:

Homework assignment for Thursday, 6/21:
1] 8 a.m. class, write your test questions from your Cornell notes and submit them at the start of class on Thursday.
2] Draft a summary to complete in class following the instructions posted at Thursday's date (6/21) below (in-class agenda item #1)

PowerPoints and posters from 11 a.m. group presentations:

Thurs. 6/21
In Class: 1] Summary Exercise--compose and edit a one-paragraph summary of an article related to our theme for the summer (Have fun in the S.E. Va. summer, and then write about it). We will work on it during class but it is due at the end of class today. You will be graded on two summaries: one will be this summarizing exercise and the second will be a summary that is included in one of your final two essays. IF you write a summary for the summarizing exercise that can also be used again by incorporating it into one of your final two essays, then you really only have to write one summary for two graded projects. That is an option, but it is not mandatory. The summary exercise is due at the end of class on Thursday. Here is my model of a summary of the Taphouse restaurant review by Shelley Rauch. Your one-paragraph summary exercise will be of a length appropriate to cover the material summarized (anywhere from 150 to 250+ words); it will include at least one verbatim quote; it will be correctly documentated with parenthetical citations and in-text attribution; and it will include a correctly formatted works cited entry for the source which you used.
2] Discuss and then finish composing summary exercises, due today
3] Parenthetical citations: reviewing for the test and taking the test.
4] Take the test on parenthetical citation conventions.
5] Geocities workshop.

Week Six

Tues. 6/26
In Class: 1] Due at the start of class, draft of paper three (and final version of the summary exercise for the 8 a.m. class) 2] form into your Experts Group and begin research for your experts project

Thurs. 6/28
In Class: 1] Begin Errors Analysis (of Hidden Treasure paper) 2] Finish experts research/prepare presentations 3] RE-teach your colleagues what you know about parenthetical citations (let's make and post some posters around the room)

Week Seven

Tues. 7/3
In Class: 1] Due at the start of class, final of paper three 2] Experts presentations 3] Editing/revising workshop on paper 3

Tues. 7/5
In Class: 1] Writing workshop, drafting paper four 2] Editing/revising workshop on paper 3 (to be collected at the end of class)

Note: You MUST bring all of your projects with you in electronic format in order to polish them and post them to your webfolio next week. DO NOT forget nor neglect to bring your projects with you to class. I will give no extensions for work which is not finished on time.

Week Eight

Tues. 7/10
In Class: 1] Editing workshop: polishing paper four, due at 9:30. 2] Geocities workshop

Thurs. 7/12
In Class: 1] Editing/revising workshop, making corrections and improvements to any returned, graded projects, 2] Geocities/webfolio workshop, webfolios due at the end of class

Finals Week

Tues. 7/17
8:00 a.m. class only meets 8-9:45: Correcting, revising, perfecting final paper and webfolio

Webfolio evaluation criteria

Access your great webfolio and your colleagues' great webfolios: Enjoy them!

Thurs. 7/19
11:00 a.m. class only meets 10-11:45: Correcting, revising, perfecting final paper and webfolio

Webfolio evaluation criteria

Access your great webfolio and your colleagues' great webfolios: Enjoy them!

Clip art, animation, and background resources for building web pages



Microsoft's Clip Art Gallery

Help from Geocities in building your pages:
(Copied verbatim from Geocities Website.)

To get started building your web site with any of our great
tools, just go to http://www.geocities.com/.

If you already have pages and images on your computer that you
want to transfer to your new site, you can get information about
our FTP service at http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/geo/gftp

If you need help building your site, please visit

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