R. Dollieslager's English 111 Daily Schedule, Summer 2002

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English 111 Syllabus, Summer 2002

A Tentative Schedule of Projects, Summer 2002
English 111-04 and 111-05, Computer-Mediated Composition

This schedule for the summer term is subject to change based on class discussion and progress on assignments. I will add links to resources and elaborate on the projects as they come up, making changes to the schedule almost daily.

Since this is a summer class, and we should all be outside somewhere having fun instead of sitting in some dusty old cubbyhole. Therefore, much of your homework for this class will be to get out and have fun. And then we're going to write about that fun. The first paper, I'll call a "hidden treasure" essay. Then we will do a restaurant review, and entertainment review, a descriptive analysis of a major attraction in the area, and a persuasive piece: "what this area really needs is..." The final major project will be the web folio.

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Essay projects for the Summer term

Week One

Mon. 5/20
In-class: Discuss objectives, view web folios from previous semesters. Make an email account. Discuss paper #1.

Instructions for registering with Geocities for web page building.
Instructions for uploading a document file to Geocities Web Page Builder.
Instructions for uploading a picture or other .jpg image to Geocities Web Page Builder.

Tues. 5/21 In-class reading & discussion: Define what an essay is and what a thesis statement is. In addition to the link provided, read sections 3 and 4 of the Writing Essentials handbook

In-class exercise: Identify the thesis statements of specified essays. (Listed on the board.) Discussion: "Hidden Treasure" topics Writing: Begin pre-writing/invention for first essay

Weds. 5/22
In-class conferences/consultation on essay 1
Draft of essay one due by end of class

Reading assignment for Thurs: 1.) Read my essay evaluation criteria. 2.) Read section 5 of the Writing Essentials handbook, which discusses revision, and especially checklist #6 on page 27, which suggests peer review questions.

Thurs. 5/23
At the start of class, print drafts of paper 1, exchange w/ two colleagues, and do peer review per instructions on my handout. Then make the paper perfect and turn it in for me to grade. Paper 1 = 6 pts.

Readings assignment for Tues., 5/28: 1.) At least six restaurant reviews. For reviews of area restaurants, take this link to the DailyPress.com, then click on "dining" in the frame on the left of the Daily Press home page.
2.) Writing summaries for "researched" paper purposes
3.) Sections 9, 10, 11 in Writing Essentials handbook.

Week Two

Mon. 5/27
Memorial Day. No class, but you had better have some fun so that you have something to write about. Use this weekend off as an opportunity to do some "experiential research" for the class! Look over the list of essay projects again and see if you can't gather the information for one of them over the holiday weekend.

Tues. 5/28
Errors analysis of paper 1 due at end of class. 4 pts.
Discuss summarizing, documenting, quoting.

In-class writing: Documented summary of a restaurant review

Weds. 5/29
Documentation exercise (a summary or quote which you will actually use in your paper). This is one paragraph which you will actually use in paper 2, a paragraph in which you correctly quote a source. It includes the correct, MLA-style works cited. Follow my sample quote exercise. 4 pts.
Web Folio workshop: Uploading files
(Note: 1/2 way through class, I will demonstrate how to upload paper 1 onto your web site, so be sure you have paper 1 with you, saved on disk with all corrections made to it.)

Thurs. 5/30
Draft of paper 2 (the restaurant review) for peer review. It will be turned in to me to grade at the end of class today. 6 pts.
Readings for Mon., 6/3: Two movie reviews, two concert reviews, two other entertainment reviews.

Week Three

Mon. 6/3
Workshop: Drafting paper 3

Tues. 6/4
Paper 3 due at start of class for peer review; turn in for grading at end of class. 6 pts.

Weds. 6/5
Workshops: Web Folio & drafting paper 4
Readings for tomorrow: go to the link below and read about the Icarus myth, look up the derivation of the word "hubris," view the paintings of Brueghel, read the other poems about the Icarus myth, and listen to William Carlos Williams reading some of his own poetry.

Thurs. 6/6
In-class group reading analysis and punctuation exercise: The Icarus Myth. 4 points

Week Four

Mon. 6/10
Paper 4 due at start of class for peer review; turn in for grading at end of class. 6 pts.

Tues. 6/11
Workshops: Web Folio & drafting paper 5

Weds. 6/12
Workshops: Web Folio & drafting paper 5

Thurs. 6/13
Paper 5 due at start of class for peer review; turn in for grading at end of class. 6 pts.
Assignment for Monday 6/17: Access and read the other web folios. Proof them carefully and provide feedback to your colleagues regarding links that don't work, annoying scrolling from side to side, html code or other characters inadvertantly saved in the text of the papers, etc. Apply the webfolio evaluation criteria I have supplied when you critique the web folios--including your own. Use email to contact each other.

Week Five

Mon. 6/17
Web Folio workshop. (I will begin grading Web Folios which are completed.)
Please check out the Web Folios index and follow my instructions there.

Tues. 6/18
Web Folios due. 6 pts.

Weds. 6/19
Make corrections to paper 5.

Thurs. 6/20
Corrections to Web Folios due. 2 pts.

Semester has ended. Go forth and multiply. (or whatever)

Clip art, animation, and background resources for building web pages



Microsoft's Clip Art Gallery

Help from Geocities in building your pages:
(Copied verbatim from Geocities Website.)

To get started building your web site with any of our great
tools, just go to http://www.geocities.com/.

If you already have pages and images on your computer that you
want to transfer to your new site, you can get information about
our FTP service at http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/geo/gftp/

If you need help building your site, please visit

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