R. Dollieslager's English 111, Fall 2000

Water burns?

English 111 Syllabus, Fall 2000

A Tentative Schedule of Projects, Fall 2000
English 111-14 and 111-17, Computer-Mediated Composition

This schedule is very tentative, subject to change as needed to accomodate completion of the projects, but it gives you an idea of what we will accomplish and when we will plan to do the projects.  I will add links to resources and elaborate on the projects as they come up, making changes to the schedule almost daily.

Last Updated: 12/5, 9:30 p.m.

Grade point table for all of the assignments for the semester

Tues. 8/22
In-class readings/discussion: "Ontext.htm" and "Cuneifrm.htm"

Begin Introductory (paper 1), appx. 300 words. 4 points

Thurs. 8/24
Discuss Paper 1

Begin web folio using Geocities

Tues. 8/29
Discuss paper 1, work on web folios

Thus. 8/31
Post Intro. paper, discuss Independent essay, (paper 2), appx. 600-1000 words. 6 points

Tues. 9/19
Readings assignment: Grassian, "Analyzing Internet Resources"

"Thinking Critically About World Wide Web Resources" a guide written by Professor Esther Grassian, UCLA (caveat webtor!)

"Thinking Critically About Discipline-Based World Wide Web Resources" also by E. Grassian

Additional readings assignment for Tues.: Summarizing
(We will do a summarizing exercize in class)

Thurs. 9/21
(paper 3). Summarize Prof. Grassian's advice in re: evaluating Internet resources. appx. 300 words. Due at start of class today. 4 points

In-class workshop: MLA Works Cited for on-line sources

This link explains what general information goes into MLA-style works cited

This link gives an example of a Works Cited entry for an online source

Tues. 9/26
Readings to be discussed: Howard Gardner's theories of multiple intelligences and the VARK learning preferences inventories. Links follow:
Gardner, Howard. "Intelligence in Seven Steps" 1991, 1998. Creating the Future. http://www.newhorizons.org/crfut_gardner.html Accessed on 21 Sep. 2000.

"Multiple Intelligences Overview." New Dimensions of Learning: Exploring Multiple Intelligences. http://www.multi-intell.com Last Updated 18 Oct. 1999.
[Note: To access the readings here ("Multi-Intell.com"), click on "MI Overview" in the index frame at the left of the screen.]

VARK reading assignment from the Active Learning Site

Turn in the summaries of Grassian's articles at the start of class.

Thurs. 10/12
Write a paper of approximately 300 words about the V.A.R.K. Keep in mind that your audience does not know what the V.A.R.K. is, and describe briefly what it is, what you found out about your own learning preferences or strengths, and what you learned about good learning or studying techniques from this V.A.R.K. site. Paper is due at the end of class. 4 points

Tues. 10/17

Readings: Do a short, unofficial version of an MBTI/Kiersey-style inventory
Do the readings for the next paper assignment: Career Inventory description (paper 5) begin Tuesday, appx. 300 words.

Thurs. 10/19
Paper 5, Career Inventory Description draft done by the end of class.

Tues. 10/24
Readings: Career-field analysis
Paper 5 due at the start of class. 4 points

Thurs. 10/26
Readings: read some of the career-field analyses from the Summer English 111 web folios
Career-field analysis, paper 6, draft due at the start of class. (4 points)
Use scheduled class time to peer review your career-field analysis papers.
Get all of the previous papers edited and saved as "html" (i.e., as web pages) to load onto your web folios next week.

Tues. 10/31
Web site building workshop. Make sure that ALL of your returned papers are edited and saved as html (as "web pages") prior to class time.
Discuss: Paper 7, the Interview Essay

Thurs. 11/2
Paper 6, Career-field analysis, due at the beginning of class
Discuss: Paper 7, options for the Interview Essay (6 points)
Web folio workshop

Tues. 11/7 & Thurs. 11/9
Options for class time: 1. Interview appointment (one day or the other, not both), 2. compose Interview essay, 3. web folio workshop
11/9 Errors analysis of Paper 6 due at end of class. (2 points)

Tues. 11/14
Interview Essays (Paper 7) due.
Paper 7 conferences begin
Web folio workshop

Thurs. 11/16
Paper 7 conferences continue
Web folio workshop

Tues. 11/21
Web folio workshop
Note: Web folios will include a home page (or welcome page), a table of contents page listing the titles and a brief description of each paper assignment, and all of the papers for the semester. This is at least eleven web pages. You may include anything additional which you would like to put on your web site. All papers will link back to the table of contents or home page, and any links to on-line resources or other relevant Internet sites will be working correctly. Make sure that, in format, your papers will fit on screen without the reader having to scroll side to side: sometimes a page that fits on a larger monitor will not fit on older, smaller screens; this is your responsibility, not the fault of the hardware.

E-mail me the URL of your home page when the web folio is ready to be evaluated, on or before the deadline below.

Tues. 11/28
Web folios due. (6 points)
Web Folio evaluation criteria

Thurs. 11/30
Begin web folio corrections.
Readings assignment: metaphor
Index of Web Folios, Fall 2000

Tues. 12/5 & Thurs. 12/7
In-class final essays will be written (in class) this week, not during finals week. 6 points

Tues. 12/12 or Thurs. 12/14
Load finals to web folio
Finish web folio corrections. (2 points)

Clip art, animation, and background resources for building web pages



Microsoft's Clip Art Gallery

Help from Geocities in building your pages:
(Copied verbatim from Geocities Website.)

To get started building your web site with any of our great
tools, just go to http://www.geocities.com/.

If you already have pages and images on your computer that you
want to transfer to your new site, you can get information about
our FTP service at http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/geo/gftp/

If you need help building your site, please visit

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