victims and creators
Rubric for "Adopting the Creator Mindset" Essays:
This is what the content grade is based upon.

(Since some of you asked: Length is at least 2 FULL pages
to three full pages.)


This assignment's Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) show the following research writing skills: summarizing, paraphrasing, direct quoting, citing parenthetically, and developing correctly formated works cited.

Introductory paragraph

o   A thesis statement is NOT an announcement of intention

o   States the subject matter

o   Is unified

o   Clearly indicates the writer’s opinion

o   Contain the “key words” if possible

*Note: At some point in the essay, you will include a direct quote from David Mirman's blog article. You decide what to quote and where to place it. It may be in the summary paragraph, or you may place it more aptly in another paragraph. This essay will include [1] a summary of Mirman's article, [2] one or two direct quotes (total, no more) from Mirman's article and Downing's excerpt, and [3] a paraphrase of Dr. Downings definitions of Creators and of Victims.

Body paragraph 1

Body paragraph 2

Body paragraph 3

Concluding paragraph:

Works Cited

·        Will cite Dr. Downing's On Course book, (in the introduction, you will include his definition of Creator and Victim from our class discussion). The excerpt that is posted on line is from pages 42-44 of Dr. Downings book. And you will also cite the other source we read, Mirman's short article about Creators and Victims

·         Will follow the correct MLA-style format for the type of article it cites (not just any old works cited entry).

Make the essay ready for grading. Be Professional! Care!!!

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