Final exam topics Eng. 111/ENF 3, Spring 2013

Selecting a Topic and Supporting It: This in-class essay does not have to be formally documented unless you use direct quotes. However, at the least, informal attribution has to be given because your essay will be linked to or derived from the readings we have studied this semester or the lessons we have shared together in class. Your support for the thesis in your essay will include reference to your sources, and not just your personal experience. For example, if writing about Hughes or Orwell, you will need to refer to their stories that we read, and what they show about the writers. You might reference their autobiography or a biographical website as a source of your knowledge about them as well. Those references don't necessarily require you to formally document the source. As another example, if writing about the important things you have learned this semester, include reference to or discussion of the resources for that learning--the online articles, handbook sites, lesson plan web pages, on-line exercises and videos, and collaborative classroom learning experiences. Maybe collaboration was even one of the important things you learned that you will discuss in this topic.

Icarus lesson, topic page:  You may select topics #1, #3 or #4 (but not #2, which could be completely a personal experience essay, which is not what we want for a final topic since it doesn't necessarily connect to something we have learned this semester, specifically).

Topic 4: VARK, what it is, what your learning profile is (which you have already written about) and then also SHOW that you learn this way, and SHOW how you can adapt the other learning techniques to optimize your learning abilities in all modes.
Conclusion: Is this information worthwhile to know?

Topic 5: Orwell or Hughes, whichever one you did not already write the research paper about. Use the same research materials you have already written about to show this was a defining moment and to show how these men were influential writers. If you write about Orwell, don't forget to paraphrase and condense his rules for writers, because that is one of his abiding legacies.

Topic 6: The three most important things I have learned in Eng. 111/ENF 3.
This can be about the subjects we read about, Orwell & Hughes, multitasking, the importance of good grammar, the research writing skills, editing skills you have learned, the resources you have been exposed to online, learning from videos, how to write an essay or research paper, how to organize your time for success, what else?

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