Rubric for "Communicating as a Professional" Essay: This is what the content grade is based upon.
(Since some of you asked: Length is at least 2 FULL pages to three full pages.)

Introductory paragraphs

·         Set the hook

·         Narrow the focus/provide needed background info

·         Clearly state the thesis

o   A thesis statement is NOT an announcement of intention

o   States the subject matter

o   Is unified

o   Clearly indicates the writer’s opinion

o   Contain the “key words” if possible

Body paragraph 1

Body paragraph 2

Body paragraph 3

Concluding paragraph

·         Must bring closure

·         Can paraphrase your main points

·         Can comment again on the subject matter

·         Can call for action on the part of the reader

Works cited section

Make it ready for grading:

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